6-DAY IMMERSION in Zion Valley, Utah, USA

  • Tuesday, November 21, 2023 - Sunday, November 26, 2023
  • Nama-Stay, Springdale, UT
6-DAY IMMERSION  in Zion Valley, Utah, USA

in Zion Valley, Utah
with Amoda Maa and Kavi 

A profound inquiry into living the truth of presence and openness in everyday life. 

NOVEMBER 21 – 26

We invite you to join us for an intimate and special gathering in a stunning location. We come together in deep spiritual inquiry, to immerse ourselves in the fragrance of silence, to amplify the field of unconditional love, and to celebrate our shared Being-ness.


Each day will include TWO Daily Meetings, with time for a Discourse from Amoda, Guided Meditation, and Inquiry/Q&A. 

There will also be time for Sunrise Walks in Silence (mornings) and/or Silent Sitting (mornings and/or evenings). Both of these are optional.

During the afternoon breaks, there will be free time to relax, walk, enjoy the friendship of others in the group, or simply be with yourself. 

We will dedicate one of the evenings to a Music and Poetry Concert from Kavi. And another evening to a Celebration Dinner. 

Whilst this is not a silent retreat, there will be silent time starting after the evening meal and up to the end of breakfast. If you wish to remain in silence for longer periods (or for the full retreat), we can provide “in silence” badges.



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