A Silent Night featuring Enter the Stargate

  • Saturday, December 16, 2023
  • 7:00pm - 10:00pm
  • Casa Mannabliss, Delray Beach, Florida
A Silent Night featuring Enter the Stargate

Silent Night – A Magikal Frequency Experience featuring Breathwork by BrookeMusicalBreathwork, Live Music by Enter The Stargate, Movement & Dance set with Barbara Alfonzo.

Embark on a mesmerizing odyssey as you traverse the mystical gateway into Enter the Stargate. Within this enchanting journey, Brooke and Ruston orchestrate a symphony using over fourteen exotic instruments, blending harmonious singing, captivating chants, and the entrancing resonance of 432 frequencies. This ethereal experience seamlessly intertwines rhythmic breathwork with elemental forces, guiding you into otherworldly realms. Prepare to immerse yourself in this enchanting odyssey, commencing with a celestial dance warm-up led by Barbara Alfonzo.

Delve into an illustrative science class exploring the intricacies of brain waves—Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma. This captivating lesson covers the anatomy of respiration, the nervous system, and the intricate connection between breath rhythm and brain patterns. Tailored for visual and experiential learners, this class unveils the origins of stress and provides tools to shift into a state of calm thinking. Brooke navigates through basic neurology, the history of breathwork, elite free diving techniques, and Navy SEAL nervous system regulation practices, all backed by biological insights. Conclude with a hands-on experience of rhythmic breathing and practical exercises to kickstart your own practice.

Activate your entire system with dance movements, incorporating floor work, shaking, and vibrations to prepare the body for theta states of mind.

Under expert guidance, follow a series of chimes to regulate your breath. Allow the rhythmic patterns to guide you into a Theta brain state—the realm just outside deep sleep, akin to our morning state of dream recall, and the space where intuitive downloads occur.

Embark on a magical auditory journey through the theta state—a realm of imaginative consciousness. Listen and feel the vibrations of fourteen different instruments, some played directly above and around you.

In this serene state of calmness and relaxation, journey through dreamlike spaces and emotions guided by songs of love and prayer.

Return gradually from your odyssey and savor a warm cup of tea as you share your experience with fellow travelers.

Doors open 6:45pm. Group activities are scheduled between 7:00-10:00 pm for this 3-hour experience. We recommend attending from start to finish for the full transformative journey; no late arrivals will be permitted after 7:15 pm due to the sacred nature of this container. While we understand life’s interruptions, this sequence of activities is designed to unfold seamlessly, often culminating in profound moments and transformations at the conclusion.

Casa Mannabliss
2000 N Federal Highway, Delray Beach, Florida 33483


  • $50 Before day of event.
  • $60 At day of event.

We provide a discounted price before the event day as a gesture of appreciation to those who RSVP ahead of time. This allows us to better prepare for the number of attendees and ensures that early birds receive special benefits!


Comfortable to dance and lay on.


There is limited parking in front of the property, please carpool or take Uber when possible. There are a couple spots on the street in front. Park in the adjacent lots at your own risk, do not leave personal belongings in your car.


Your water bottle, a towel if you sweat easy, yoga mat, pillows, eye masks, and blankets for the most comfortable expereince during breathwork.


If you have a cough or not feeling well, please do not attend, this is an indoor event.

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