Artist Way 12-Week Class

  • Tuesday, November 2, 2021
  • 1:00pm
  • Online Zoom Class, Okemah, OK
Artist Way 12-Week Class

Learn to create! Each of us has the ability to create.. Whether it is writing, music, dance, art, etc. we all can learn in 12 weeks how to unlock our creativity. We will be using the book The Artist Way by Julia Cameron. You can find it through Amazon, or even online through a PDF format.  Classes will be 30 min with 10 min for questions. Each week you will be asked to read the chapter in the book and complete the assignments. 

We will be using ZOOM for the classes, please download this app so you can join.

The suggested price for class $15  if you can only pay less put in $-Any Amount if you can’t pay, just add $0 and you will be registered for the class. 

Class is taught by M-Squared 

M-Squared, is Mark Maxey (2 M’s) who has been involved in the arts one way or the other for over 35 years. From reading Billboard magazine and Rolling Stones magazine since age 10, he has immersed himself with knowledge, understanding of artists. He’s been a successful radio personality, concert promoter, road manager, artist manager throughout his career. He’s a writer, poet, author, and social justice journalist. He brings a fresh way to unblock yourself through the Artist Way concepts. He speaks fondly upon growing up in the mid-’70s inside and around recording studios back when it was fun when it was analog. He still likes to edit tape and develop film the old fashioned way for fun. He is a recording artist through Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI). He’s been a member of the Indie Managers Association; Graphic Artists Guild, Photography Society Association.

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