Awakened Heart Retreat

  • Thursday, October 5, 2023 - Sunday, October 8, 2023
  • Seven Springs Retreats, Maryville, TN
Awakened Heart Retreat

Life can get a little crazy sometimes. With our busy schedules, our challenging lives, and a world that is in constant flux, it can be challenging to discover the peace and joy that is contained within ourselves. Our thoughts, emotions, and stressors are often like clouds in the sky blocking the sunshine of our souls.

That’s where the Awakened Heart Retreat comes in. The Awakened Heart Retreat offers you a direct pathway to reconnect to your inner-peace, joy, and wellbeing. By engaging in practices like gentle yoga, meditation, kirtan, and reiki for self-healing, we journey home back to our true-selves and discover that we have direct access to the happiness in our hearts.

When we rediscover our hearts, life becomes easeful again, full of grace and synchronicity. Maintaining a steady, high vibration, we can stay elevated and calm through the storms of life. More importantly, we can manifest our deepest desires while feeling a sense of purpose, excitement, and readiness for the adventures that life has to bring.

This retreat is for you if…

You want a safe, sacred space to gather with other heart-centered, spiritual souls for fun, joyful spiritual practice. In sangha (spiritual community), you will find love, encouragement, and support that is often missing in the outside world.

It’s here that you can give yourself permission to release the past, heal what needs to be healed, and step forward along your path with hope, courage, and enthusiasm.

What you’ll experience

· Gentle movement to nurture your body and calm the nervous system.

· Various forms of mediation to still your mind, open your heart, and awaken to your true-self

· Kirtan (joyful call and response singing of mantra music) and group songwriting to uplift the spirit and fan the flames of love in your heart

· Cacao ceremonies to experience gratitude and connection with yourself, your community, and the mother earth.

· Reiki and sound healing to inspire self-love and holistic healing on all levels

· Tools for manifesting the desires of your heart with grace, and ease.

· Time to connect with and commune with nature

· 3 delicious home cooked vegetarian meals, snacks, and healthy beverages


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