Awakening Into The Sacred

  • Thursday, August 3, 2023 - Monday, August 7, 2023
  • Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat and Conference Center, Detroit, OR
Awakening Into The Sacred

Join Sarahjoy for the 27th Annual Awakening Into The Sacred Yoga & Meditation August Retreat. These retreats are a time to go deeper into your personal practice while supported by a senior teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience and with a community of dedicated practitioners. Immersing ourselves in the ancient tradition of yoga in an auspicious place, such as Breitenbush Hot Springs, allows the teachings to penetrate us even more deeply. Many students experience states of well-being and insight that would be otherwise unavailable in the fray of daily life. Frequently, students report lasting transformation from the depth of these retreats.

This is a powerful retreat in an ideal setting that will naturally facilitate your connection with the indwelling sacred Self. The teachings from the Bhagavad Gita point to this indwelling sacred Self.

We will study the 5 Imperatives of the 5 warriors, the 5 elements, the 5 chakras, and the 5 prayers.  

Join us on Thursday night for a Friday yoga immersion into Hands On Assists where we will explore the therapeutic application of hands on support for your yoga students in classes or in private lessons. We will specifically explore postural alignment that prevents injury, recommendations and practices for students with chronic pain, and how to skillfully use hands on support for your students recovering from injuries or surgeries. 

Stay over with us on Sunday night for an immersion into Yoga Psychology for Mental Health. The pandemic created an exponential rise in mental health challenges including anxiety, depression, addiction, suicidal ideation, and domestic violence. As yoga professionals or mental health professionals, we want you to be prepared for skillfully using the tools of yoga, within your scope of practice, to support students facing mental health challenges. Learn about mental health through the lens of yoga’s psychology and Ayurveda’s teachings on the subtle body so that you can bring new tools and perspectives to your work with your clients. 

Above all, this retreat is designed to help you get deeply nourished, to reconnect with that which is sacred and timeless, and then to be prepared for your role in nourishing the greater good of our world, in whatever way you do that. 

To reach the Presenter:
To reach Breitenbush:

Priority Registration is being given to those who register for the Full Package Weekend Retreat, Thursday – Monday. 
Partial attendance opportunities will open up in May. For example, Thursday – Sunday, Friday – Monday, or Friday – Sunday.

Presenters for Breitenbush Hot Springs are bringing their expertise and dedication to the arts and practices that they are sharing with retreat guests. The Retreat Offering goes toward their teachings as well as a Breitenbush Event Fee of $20/per person per night which covers the maintenance of the retreat space facilities as well as the compensation for our Event Coordinators.

Each level of Retreat Tuition is for 1 guest. Choose one option for your reservation. If you are coming as an individual, choose your lodging from the list of options. All lodgings are priced for single occupancy with the option of adding an Additional Person to your reservation.

Please follow the instructions for adding additional people to your retreat and lodging reservation:
If you are coming with someone, please add 2nd Person Retreat Offering. Then choose your choice of lodging as well as Additional Person Lodging. In your check out, it should show Two Retreat Participations, One Accommodation, and One Additional Person Lodging.

If you are coming with 2 other people for your shared lodging, choose 3 Retreat Tuitions and 2 Additional Person Lodgings. In your check out, it should show Three Retreat Participations, One Accommodation, and Two Addiitonal Person Lodgings.

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