AWARENESS Method - Meditation & Self-Healing

  • Saturday, March 2, 2024
  • 1:00pm - 4:15pm
  • Churchill Seniors Recreation Centre, Ottawa, ON
AWARENESS Method  – Meditation & Self-Healing

The Awareness Method – Meditation, Breathwork & Contemplation Workshop for Balance, Clarity & Peace

Led by Awaken Founder: Corey Sheikh

A workshop and guided experience to explore a variety of meditations, self-healing practices & perspectives that support in bringing emotional balance, inner peace and a deepened understanding on what it means to heal & connect with your authentic self.

The awareness method is based on a variety of Self-Healing & Meditative methodologies including; Mindfulness, Yoga’s Self-Inquiry, Buddhist Vipassana, and Emotional Trauma Release therapies. Corey infuses his decade of facilitation with to-the-point discourses & direct practices that inspire personal healing and an authentic desire for peace & joyful living.

Whether you are just newly endeavoring on this path of self-awareness & healing, or have been exploring methods, perspectives & teachings for many years, this workshop just may have some nuggets of gold that can assist on your path.


You Will Learn:

  • The Awareness Method core technique and approach for rapid emotional healing, releasing stuck points within your life, and how to find peace/calm within any situation
  • Core Journalling techniques for honesty self-reflection and contemplation. Learn a way to have a conversation with yourself to unlock next steps on your path and find clarity within confusing situations.
  • Awareness Breathing – learn how to bring presence into all moments, starting with the breath, a slow, gentle yet transformative practice to slow life down a bit (amongst all the hustle and bustle) and find yourself one step ahead of all of your responsibilities, pressures and expectations.
  • How to explore any and all "charged" or triggered spots in your life through the body, uncovering what they are attempting to tell you and bring awareness to.
  • Learn some of the pitfalls of modern healing approaches and how to not get caught up or distracted by them (especially in the modern era with information everywhere!)

and more…



When: – Saturday, March 2nd – 1:00PM – 4:00PM – Doors open at 12:30 – we start at 1pm!

Where: 345 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, ON K2A 0E7, Canada


(Limited Spots)



** Those with financial difficulties, please send us a message **


More about Corey Sheikh:  Meditation Instructor, Wellness guide and Ecstatic Dance DJ/Producer.  

Corey Sheikh has been leading discourses, ecstatic dances, sound journeys and meditation sessions since 2012. He weaves all elements together in a unique experience to awaken inner peace, joy and self love. His journeys take an intuitive approach with the intention of blending the worlds of modern & ancient, east & west, internal & external (and everything in between).After years of exploring many of the core advanced spiritual science systems from yoga, tibetan buddhism, shamanism, new-age studies and various others; Corey distills what he has & continues to learn in simple & applicable ways that, if applied, have the power to transform & heal. 






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The Awaken Event Experience founded by Corey Sheikh is an uplifting journey that weaves breath, dance, and music into a harmonious tapestry. Embracing both modern and ancient traditions, these event experiences revive the spirit of celebration, ceremony, and gathering. Through thoughtful curation, we bring together a diverse group of conscious-based musicians, artists, facilitators, and guides—both local and international—who skillfully blend the transformative modalities of meditation, movement, dance, musical expression, and social connection. 



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