Biko Casini - Signal Mountain Sessions

  • Friday, September 29, 2023
  • 7:30pm
  • Private Home on Signal Mountain, Signal Mountain, TN
Biko Casini – Signal Mountain Sessions

Signal Mountain Sessions presents:

Biko Casini
(of Rising Appalachia)

Join us for an intimate evening of storytelling, dance and african rhythms upon Signal Mountain. 

Located in an intimate contiainer (35 capacity) around a circular fire, next to a flowing creek and lit by candlelight this "session" will hold space for Biko Casini to share his songs, stories and rhythms from around the world. Featuring educational offerings on the history of the Ngoni, Djembe and more west african instruments.

This evening happens to take place on the full moon. Resfreshments and lite snacks will be provided.

All ages event.

About Biko Casini:

Biko Casini is a percussionist, n’goni player, and songwriter who is best known for his role as the backbeat of Rising Appalachia, and as a member of the West African contemporary duo Arouna & Biko.

Biko was born in Ireland 1980 into a global network of intentional community through The Farm in TN. After high school, Biko moved to South Africa and from there to New York City where he met master Guinean drummer Papa Ladji Camara and began his formal training in West African music.

His studies continued while living in Burkina Faso in 2007. Starting in 2014 Biko began music with Arouna Diarra and started building and playing ngoni together. Since 2011 Biko has been playing percussion on tour with Rising Appalachia. 

He currently lives on The Farm in Tennessee and works to find the connection points between music and community genesis.

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