BrightSide Blue House Concert

  • Thursday, July 18, 2024
  • 7:00pm
  • Snowgrass Lodge, Leavenworth, WA
BrightSide Blue House Concert
Every BrightSide Blue concert is healing and full of love. You’ll delight in this performance from these two at a a special lodge in Leavenworth.  Nora and Hernan will start the night off with a set of their own music!!  

BrightSide Blue is a California based duo that performs a dynamic live looping set filled with lush vocals, virtuosic guitar work, and uniquely crafted songs. Ananda and Lindsay are storytellers, spirit callers, and songhealers on a mission to open a field of magic through music in which anything is possible. Sometimes bluesy and rocking, sometimes soft and ethereal, the sounds never fail to provide us with powerful medicine for the moment. See the rest of their PNW Tour starting with Oregon Country Fair.
"This love story has a soundtrack." Lindsay Bellows and Ananda Vaughan have found the perfect complements in each other: Lindsay is a soulful songbird, who soars and dives over the lush textures of Ananda’s musical landscapes. Equal parts groove and melody, their songs keep audiences delightfully engaged — tapping feet, singing along, and basking in the love for life that radiates from this couple.
Ananda trained for many years as a jazz guitarist, and has found inspiration in other guitar masters from rock, folk and world music. Lindsay grew up with pop and R&B music, and studied the influencers of her childhood idols — the soul and blues singers of the mid 20th century. The pair brings together the best of all these genres to create a sound that is authentically and uniquely their own.

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