Caravan - Tandem Dance Concert

  • Friday, April 19, 2024
  • 6:00pm
  • Historic Ashland Armory, Ashland, OR
Caravan – Tandem Dance Concert

Caravan is a new dance concert, and the second full length performance by Tandem Contemporary Dance Collective.The show features founding company members, as well as new arrivals, executing original choreography by Tandem’s artistic director Catherine Raupp. The concert also showcases live music by local artists as an opening act to the production. 

Caravan dives deep into southern Oregon history- honoring the pioneers who migrated here on the Applegate Trail, along with the Native Americans who preceded them. Caravan investigates how history repeats itself, by drawing comparison between the transient nature of modern day Ashland residents and the wild spirit of the early settlers. Inspired by historical research of the mineral waters & gold mines throughout southern Oregon landscapes, the show explores the reason behind the metaphysical pull that draws people to this area.

Blended with the Southern Oregon theme, the performance credits the original caravans of the middle east through the music and movement choices throughout the show. Influenced by a recent trip to Morocco and her interactions with the nomadic peoples of the Atlas Mountains, Catherine discovers the universal feelings and experiences that tie the early caravans of arabic countries to the covered wagons of the Oregon trail

Tandem’s unique style of precise movement and dramatic expression is present in this show, and goes a level deeper than their premier performance of ARK. Through this grounded, athletic movement and intimate partnering, choreographer Catherine Raupp weaves an emotional & authentic story of what it means to belong. 

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