Cascadia Tantra Festival Online

  • Friday, January 8, 2021 - Sunday, January 17, 2021
Cascadia Tantra Festival Online

Come join the family for an interactive, heartfelt and connective event!

Would you love to have more close, connected, juicy relationships?

Need some inspiration and renewal?

This 10 day festival offers conscious movement, ceremony, relationship and communication skills, and tantric meditations all from your own home. The workshops are offered at the relaxed pace of a few a day, so you can fit it into your schedule.

Step into an open, caring community of like-minded souls, and come play with us!

These events are potent moments for increasing hope, vitality and joy, carrying us all forward on our paths.

Our Workshops will focus on

*Tantric Arts


*Personal & Spiritual Development

*Movement Meditations

*Aware Touch and Consent

*and Uplifting Music!

All Events in Pacific Time Zone USA, mostly using zoom, with a few Facebook live events. This event is best viewed using a computer rather than a phone or tablet, because some features of zoom are only accessible on a computer.

low income tickets are sold out at the first price level, but you may get a Low Income late admission ticket for $80.

Watch with a friend and save! Add one or more people, in your home for only $50! Applies to all pricing tiers. You must be watching from one computer.

Don’t miss this amazing event! See all the details on our web site!

Event Guidelines

* This event is for adults over 18 only

* This is a substance free event, please attend sober.

* All interactions with others are by mutual consent, based on respect and clear communication

* No public on screen sexual activity in the zoom calls, keep it private. We will not be recording genitals on screen. Some events will include genitals on screen but they will not be recorded, and generally we keep it to upper bodies on the Red Erotic events.

* No violent or oppressive language or loud public arguments or disturbances of any kind tolerated

* All ethnicities, sexual identities and spiritual orientations are welcome and respected.

About Zoom Meetings: Virtual Consent Guidelines


Every participant should understand our ground rules and shared practices. To ensure this we:

Require on most events that all participants attend the event’s introduction. Once the introduction is over, no new participants are allowed. We use the “waiting room” feature in Zoom to “close the doors.”


Join the video conference from a private, uninterrupted space, since other participants are consenting to be seen by people at this event – no one else.

* No private recording of any of the events, we will record them. This is important to protect each other’s privacy. We will not record any breakout room conversations.

If we find out someone has taken a screenshot or recording that would be grounds for suspension or removal from the festival.

*The Waiting Room is activated for every event and we only let people in who are in the group/RSVP’ed to attend.

*If I/we don’t recognize a name within the event, we ask the person to identify themselves.


*It is required that everyone have their video on, especially be visible at the beginning of an event, so everyone is equally vulnerable and identifiable, before the recording starts. (This does not mean you have to be "on camera" or physically visible at all times.)

It is required for you to be on screen during breakout rooms.

*During opening circle we mention that taking screen shots or recording of this event is not allowed and will be treated as a personal/community consent violation resulting in expulsion from the event/group.

*If you’re in front of the camera you are consenting to be watched.

*If you want to protect your privacy even more, mute yourself and turn your camera away from yourself when the recording starts.

You can also log in with a different name, that you tell us in advance so we know it is you (See the field for Festival Name). You may need to create a separate free zoom account with your festival name and a different email.

* Do not share the recordings publicly after the event. You may share them privately with one or two close friends. The recordings will be accessible for a month after the event, unless you want to buy the Extended Access Ticket and have an additional 6 months to watch them.

*Our Zoom links are unique for every every event.

*Passwords are required for any Zoom event as well as meeting ID. We will use the same password for all events.

Any event, whether in person or online, carries risk; emotional, physical, confidential. We attempt to minimize the risk, to be "safe enough", so that we can find ways to participate. We attempt to have "risk aware" participation, balancing risk and our personal level of participation. Zoom, like any technology is a potentially vulnerable platform and there are possibilities of exposure, but we are taking as many precautions as possible to make this a technologically safe and secure space to hold these events. (Adapted from Bonobo tribe agreements)

* Failure to comply with these guidelines could result in you being asked to leave without a refund.


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