Celtic Spirituality Samhain Online Gathering

  • Sunday, October 30, 2022
  • 11:00am - 1:30pm
Celtic Spirituality Solstice Online Gathering
Online Celtic Spirituality Gathering Celebrating Samhain – The Celtic New Year
Guided by Mary Meighan, founder of Celtic Journeys, live from Ireland – with songs & chants by Seán Johnson
(Time Zones: 11am-1:30am Pacific/ noon-1:30pm Mountain/ 1-2:30pm Central/ 21-3:30pm Eastern)
Celtic Spirituality is the indigenous Spirituality of Ireland. It is a gentle, nature based way of being that invites us to be our authentic selves and to live from our heart.
This soul-nourishing ‘time out of time’ gathering will take place during the revitalizing and potent time of Samhain, which marks the Celtic New Year. You’re invited to experience the depth and profoundly simple inspiration of Celtic Spirituality through a Celtic Talk, Irish blessings, songs, poems, rituals, stories, chants, music, reflection, and Celtic Wisdom. Samhain is a special liminal time carrying a powerful energy, inviting deeper connection to our ancestors, to our intuition, to the mystery of the unseen world, and invoking release and renewal.
Whether you are someone who knows very little and is curious about how the living spiritual tradition of Celtic Spirituality can nourish our lives; someone who has always been inspired by the Celtic world; or someone who has ancestry from Ireland  who wishes to deepen your connection to those roots– all are welcome.
You are so welcome to join us as we journey through the Celtic Year, gathering together on Celtic Festival Days, as we continue to move with the seasons and partake of the energy and tune into a sense of Celtic consciousness, kindling or re-kindling the Celtic Soul within us
Mary Meighan, a native of Ireland, is the founder of Celtic Journeys who offers soul journeys steeped within her native Celtic Spiritual Tradition. Mary has traveled to sacred sites across Ireland for decades renewing, sustaining, and sharing her passion for the Celtic world. She also visits the U.S. and other countries introducing Celtic Spirituality through talks and retreats, sharing her lived experience of this mystical and earthy Spirituality. Mary will be joining the immersion live from her home in Ireland.
Seán Johnson is a singer, songwriter, storyteller, and teacher of spirituality and yoga. He is the founder of Wild Lotus Yoga, Soul School Teacher Training Program, and The Wild Lotus Band. Seán’s love of Ireland and Celtic Spirituality goes back to his childhood, and he did an intensive undergraduate program in Irish Studies. He has traveled to Ireland over a dozen times to deepen his connection to his ancestral homeland.
Mary and Seán have been dear friends for many years and have guided many retreats together in Ireland and the USA. 

We are delighted to offer these online Celtic Gatherings with you as we move through the seasons accompanied by the Celtic Wheel of the Year sensing how journeying within this ancient, yet very much alive, Celtic Wisdom Tradition offers us a way to connect with nature and to connect deeply to our true selves.

"Seán and Mary have been friends for years, and this shows in the ease with which they work together. They present us with an array of tools and possibilities for diving into Celtic Spirituality, as each session follows the Celtic seasonal calendar. Mary brings a lifetime steeped in the tradition, and in her easy conversational style, shares poems, stories, mythology, and leads simple and profound rituals, in which we all participate from our homes. Indeed, the whole experience is like being in good company by the fireside. Seán’s gorgeous voice touches the deepest parts of our nature, as he invites us to join him in the singing of chants and songs. He’ll often sing in Irish. These afternoons are wonderful, helping us merge our daily lives into a timeless connection with Celtic wisdom and earthiness."  — Heather Dotterweich

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