Chakra Healing Retreat

  • Sunday, November 6, 2022 - Sunday, November 13, 2022
  • Paledora Eco-Resort, Chemuyil, Q.R.
Chakra Healing Retreat

Heal your energy centers and discover your divine self!

Join us in the magic of 8 transformative days in a beautiful eco-friendly resort in the Mayan jungle in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.

The 7 energy centers when blocked affect us in types of ways from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Unclear chakras can affect our personal relationships, partnerships, work lives, health, mindset, spirituality, intuition, visions, communication, sense of self, motivation, power, and grounding, the list is endless.

In this retreat you will learn to unlock and heal each chakra through a variety of modalities, utilizing your mind, body, spirit, and creativity!


This retreat going to be special!

Held in an eco-friendly resort, situated in the healing Mayan jungle, with its private cenote, cave, and pool with water directly from the cenote to purify in.

Each day is dedicated to a single chakra. We will be opening up the chakras through multiple practices, group work, yoga, meditation, sound healing, Temacal ceremony, cacao ceremony, and more…

Once all your chakras are healed and balanced you will be ready to ground your healing and begin to manifest your life’s vision.

This retreat is the beginning of the life you’re meant to live!


This retreat focuses on the process of opening, aligning, and creating balance in all your 7 chakras through a series of ceremonies and exercises.

We will be taking you on a healing journey through multiple healing modalities, as each chakra affects a specific area of your life experience.

Each day is dedicated to one chakra to find balance in each one of those. We will work with you using Yoga, Breathwork, Tantra, Vocal empowerment, music, Sound healing, mindful eating, mantas, guided meditation, intimacy workshops, Temazcal ceremony, water therapy, beach day, cenote water blessing and Cacao Ceremony.

We will be an intimate group intentionally so we can also work with community healing, as group work can speed up the healing process.

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