Chi! Ka! Go! ReUnification 11-11 11th Year

  • Saturday, November 11, 2023 - Sunday, November 12, 2023
  • yogaview, Chicago, IL
Chi! Ka! Go! ReUnification 11-11 11th Year
???? Chi! Ka! Go! ReUnification ????
We are honored to be hosting this special reunion on Saturday 11-11, 2023 for the Chicago community. This year marks our 11th Anniversary, as we have been taking time off since our last “Crossroads of Gratitude” at the end of 2019.

We last crossed through collective gratitude, in harmony with the Solar Cycles, activating the Sacred Circle of our Sanctuary City, through the Galactic Gateway, & now returning back into the alignment of 11:11.

???? We are returning to yogaview where we’ll be beautifying four rooms of magic in every moment. You are invited to design your art, music, & creativity into our interactive exploratorium, inspiring transformations for future change.
CKG 11-11
With war & hatred spreading in the past weeks there’s been intense pressure on our hearts, minds, community, world. Bringing conscious community together in peace, forgiveness, & love is more important now than ever. We have this opportunity to gather together in creative joy, empathetic connection, & compassionate bliss.

Room 1: Main Performance Portal
Room 2: Interaction Lab (Workshops)
Room 3: Healing Art Sanctuary of Love
Room 4: Den-I-Zen (Chill Meditation Space)

3 Showers (bring towel & costume changes)
NO SHOES – Wear Fun Socks or Paint toenails

Traction Sound provided by The Get Down Chicago
7:30pm: Opening Circle & Forgiveness Ritual
8pm: Sonic Ceremony with Star Sangha
9pm : Surprise Awakening
9:15pm: Secrets of the Beehive
9:45pm: Dried Spider (solo)
10pm: Electrikbill (DJ set)
Jeff Grossberg (Hyper Harp)
10:45pm: Jerome Kava (Electric Grove)
Noori (dance performance)
11pm: Sirène De Paradis (performance)
11:11pm: Silence Honoring All of Humanity
ReUnification BlesSing
Michelle Andrade (performance)
11:15pm: Ichabod (DJ set)
Dylan James (performance)
12am: MAUBIN (birthday set)
12:30am: Soul Lullabies (Medicine Songs) 

Room 2: INTERACTION LAB (Workshops)
7:45pm: Kristyn Arielle (AWAKE: Oneness Tribe)
8:30pm: Lisa Devi (Qigong)
9:45pm: Rich Logan (Holding Space)
10:30pm: Roman Boro (Being Human Together)
11:11pm: Silence Honoring All of Humanity
Chill connection space opens for all

John Sacelli (11-11 EL-Even)
Midnight: Sacred Sound Symphony
Daniel Hughes (Miach Healing Arts)
Hare Krishna Temple
The Typing Bat (poetry)
Ingrid Lorena Diaz (Alivio Self Care)
Heather Lettow (Building A New Earth)
Quartz Apothecary (sound healing)
Rhiannon Gurley (Our Vibrant Community)
Jason Cunningham (AngeLynx Readings)
Flutetopia (musical experiences)
JDubzVisuals (video mixing)
Art by Joseph Gagnepain (Folk Hero Gypsy)
Breena Bright (artistry)
Chris Skeduleone (live art)
Doc Womp (light up wooden sculptures)
Christopher Messer (art showcased)
Melissa Bruck (Goddess art showcased)
Ryan Blume (art showcased)
Izzy Ivy (art showcased)
Paul Mez (art showcased)
Jen Reilly (art showcased)
Ryan Brandoff (photography)
Mr Wes (photography)

Jason Gremley (Peace Ninja)
Astara (improv performances)
Brother Big Heart (Moment)
Margo Elena Mejia (Peace & Justice)
Heather Bolin (Healing Hands)
Celena Chavez (Ritual Medicine)
Persida Conteres
Jenny Plasky (Team Delicious)
Michael Levi (Team Delicious)
Helen Clair & Quinn
Jaime Santillan
You lift me, I’ll lift you, & we’ll ascend together.
Presented by BrilliantlyMad, AngeLynx, & MBP
:: Life-Force Strategies of the Soul ::

CHI is the Life-Force, the Ki (Key), Mana, or dynamic vital energy which pervades all of life. The KA is the Spirit-Soul, our gathering of that CHI force into the uniqueness of our own being. And GO, the Oriental Game of Strategies, expresses the choices we make to share that uniqueness with our community. The CHI KA GO community coalesces through dancing, loving, healing, singing, & celebrating through the midnight hour. We offer this opportunity to join our community together with a variety of new modalities through the arts while sharing our hearts & souls with one another. You are welcome to release your barriers, set your intentions, & open to our wide-ranging spectrum of creativity.

CHI – The Life Force
KA – Egyptian for Spirit-Soul
Go – Chinese-Japanese Game of Strategies

➳ Ask First, Protect the Community & Leave No Trace
➳ Create Experiences Through Love & Compassion
➳ Maintain a Sober Atmosphere of High Vibrations
➳ Honor the Divinity in All

All Ages Welcome // 7pm till 1am
(kids under 17 must be with parent)
Location: yogaview 2211 N Elston, Unit 200, Chicago
Free street & lot parking / Respect our neighbors

NO SHOES – Wear Fun Socks or Paint your Toenails
(showers available to wash feet/body) – bring towel

We ask you to find your balance, get out of your head, ground within center, melt into your heart, & fly beyond your wildest dreams.

For 25 Years we’ve been learning, growing, & becoming BrilliantlyMad. We welcome you into this next stage to continue crystallizing your precious sparks of wonder, passion, equanimity, & love.

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