Circlesinging with Lucia Lilikoi

  • Thursday, August 3, 2023
  • 7:00pm
  • 320 Fair Ave, Petaluma, CA
Circlesinging with Lucia Lilikoi

Our human voice is the vessel for transformation, emotion, expression and magic. With it we communicate, create poetry, transmit love; saying much more than words can say, through cadence, tone, and rhythm. Our voice reaches its highest potential when we sing, and as we give it permission to fly, amplifying our essence far and wide.


Your voice is your * SOUL’s signature *When you express your soul through your voice, a true resonance is felt by all who are listening.It is a reminder, to one’s self AND to those listening, that we all carry our HOME within us.Lucia’s very favorite thing is helping people find their way back to that inner home through the transformative expression of their true voice.


To express your soul through your voice takes courage and can often bring up vulnerability and fear. 


During this 2 hour workshop Lucia will skillfully guide the group through breathing practices, vocal technique, as well as vocal improvisation to open our voices so we can let our Soul Signature express more fully through our voice.  


This workshop will focus on CircleSinging, a term coined by Bobby McFerrin, and a way of improvosation Lucia learned from Rhiannon.

Creating spontaneous songs in the moment, listening to each other, to what is present in the space and discover what it feels like to weave ourselves together into a "singularity" as we co-create with one another and the universal creative force.

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