• Saturday, September 28, 2024
  • 7:00pm
  • Beloved Yoga Sanctuary, Reston, VA

Compass’s original compositional voice is birthed from the musical seeds of the Gitano diaspora that historically connected the music of the Punjab in Northern India to Andalusia, Spain. The profound presence of hindustani and flamenco artistry is nestled harmoniously within Compass’s stylistic flexibility and musical dexterity. Seeped in the rich cultural tapestries of NYC, Compass uses sitar, tabla, and guitar to render a new and dynamic sound, equal parts traditional music and original composition.


Officially created in the summer of 2023, Compass has played to great acclaim in venues such as Sisters, DROM, and has collaborated with the groundbreaking music collective, Brooklyn Raga Massive on multiple occasions. As their name references, Compass has created their own musical home and are persuasively beckoning all to follow them there.



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