Contemplation & Blessing Immersion Retreat

  • Monday, September 2, 2024 - Friday, September 6, 2024
  • Waterperry House, Waterperry (nr Wheatley), England
Contemplation & Blessing Immersion Retreat

The Practice of Contemplation & Blessing
Four-Day Residential Retreat, Oxfordshire, UK

Join Helen White Wolf and Rama Shemaya for a profound and life-changing immersion experience where you will discover what it truly means to ‘ascend your energy’ and spiritually awaken: from a psychological, neurobiological, and mind-body field perspective.   

Now, more than ever, we are called to step into the fullness of who we are. To integrate the deeper dimensions of our being into our human mind-body field, and to express our true nature in our daily lives.

Experiential connection with our true nature is always potentially only a breath away. Despite this, we often find ourselves distant from the sweetness and grace of this reality, separated by the sensations and atmospheres of ancient imprints held in our mind-body system, and the ‘white noise’ of the collective field we live in.

The shift from ego to essence, from pain-body to blessing-field, is a radical one. To accomplish it, we must trust with our whole heart and follow our deepest knowing. We must be willing to release fundamental assumptions we hold about ourselves and the world, approaching life with the innocence of beginner’s mind – and bringing our body with us.

This four-day retreat will be ideal for you if you want to:

  • Access a deeper state of presence in your life – and go beyond the practice of ‘stilling thoughts’, to a direct experience of the nature of reality.

  • Resolve old imprints and patterning in your mind-body field, and ignite your spiritual awakening.

  • Meditate in a way that profoundly changes your inner and outer life, bringing you into resonance with the reality of synchronicities, blessings, and miracles.

  • Establish a strong foundation in non-dual awareness, and cultivate a compassionate relationship with your ‘ego’ or ‘pain body’. Become deeply attuned to the unique rhythm of your own process.

The programme includes:

  • Fully guided deep practices of inner inquiry, energy elevation, meditation, mindful movement, and contemplation.

  • A balance of theory (energy anatomy and dynamics), and practical exercises.

  • Mentoring by tutors who are empathically aware of your process, and who can offer individual coaching when required.

  • Nutritious meals, comfortable accommodation, and the opportunity to regenerate in a beautiful natural setting.

The programme will include a discussion of the worldview presented in A Course in Miracles, together with its parallels in The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking, and Transcendence: Journey of the Soul.

Your hosts Helen White Wolf and Rama Shemaya have more than fifty years of combined experience in facilitating transformative programmes, and they look forward to sharing these remarkable practices with you.


“Helen’s year-long course in Soul Centered Healing broke open shells that surrounded my true Self and brought immeasurable deepening of my ability to love and to be happy.  The specific readings, meditation practices, awareness exercises, journaling and conference calls that were part of the course facilitated tremendous growth. Equally important were the constancy of Helen’s caring presence and generosity. As both a lifelong devotee of spiritual development and a former research scientist with highly critical thinking, I don’t get too enthused about just any healer or teacher.  I would recommend any program, or interaction with Helen White Wolf with enthusiasm: expect intense positive change!”

Dr Heather A. Okvat (Clinical Psychologist),
Owner Awakenings International LLC.

"Helen’s workshops and intensives help us remember our true nature as luminous beings. The depth of the work supports each participant in reconnecting with and healing into their wholeness.
Through the teachings, meditations, and focused healing work, Helen invites us to breathe into and reconnect with the deepest resonances of light and love that we are.  In guiding a group meditation, she holds the energy of the room with her loving presence, supporting each individual as they move deeper into their journey.
I am so thankful for Helen’s immersive events — they have been life changing for me; helping me experience my deepest self."

Aimée Bessire, Maine, USA

Meet the Teachers

Helen White Wolf

Helen has worked internationally as a therapist, spiritual healer, intuitive, and teacher, for more than thirty-five years. She is the founder of Soul Centered Healing, Soul Coherence Therapy, and Spiritual Trauma Therapy: a leading-edge approach in the field of Human Energy Psychology, and is the author of the new book on consciousness and the human energy field, Transcendence: Journey of the Soul. Her healer-training programmes and Awakening the Innermost Heart workshops have been taught in New Zealand, the United States, Southeast Asia, and the United Kingdom.

Helen places spiritual growth and the awakening process at the very heart of therapeutic work, offering an intentional space where clients and students can gain a deeper experiential connection with their non-dual nature.

Rama Shemaya

Rama began his spiritual journey in the 1980’s as a dedicated practitioner of Kundalini Yoga and group transmission meditation (Share International). He has been using Meditation with Soul and Light as his core practice since 2001 and has frequently taught alongside his wife Helen on the Soul Centered Healing training programmes. 

A major part of his service is planetary healing transmission, and he has worked at many sacred sites around the world including Hemkund Sahib in the Himalayas, the Great Pyramid of Giza, Macchu Piccu, Lake Titicaca, Jerusalem, the Red Sea Crossing (Mt Sinai), the Vatican Catacombs, Medugorje, the Bosnian Pyramids, Glastonbury, and Mount Shasta.

Rama was ordained as a New Thought Minister in 2006, and from 2015-2023 worked as the illustrator of the book Transcendence: Journey of the Soul. 

Tickets: Residential options range from £935 to £1,293 per person
A small number of non-residential tickets are available at £719 per person

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