Copper Wimmin in an Intimate Concert

  • Saturday, April 8, 2023
  • 7:30pm - 10:00pm
  • Jackson WellSprings , Ashland, OR
Copper Wimmin in an Intimate Concert

These three vocal amazons leave audiences large and small with the sense of having witnessed something extraordinary. 

“ Most unusual were the Copper Wimmin…they used their voices as bells and percussion instruments.” –San Francisco Chronicle

Copper Wimmin met in a children’s chorus at the ages of 11,12 and 13. Alyx Autuori, Kiranjot Kaur, and Sophia Mallie grew up best friends and began writing and performing their own songs in their late teens.

“ Think Ani Meets the Roches” – The Guardian

The vocal trio from Sonoma County, CA, was officially formed in 1995 and they released their 3 albums in 1998, 2001,and 2005. They were finalists in the Lilith Fair Talent search, and silver medalists in the A cappella Harmony sweepstakes, where they won first place for best original song and arrangement. They were featured on Amy Goodmans NPR program Democracy Now, and were the recipients of the 2006 Isadora Duncan Dance award for best musical score in collaboration with Dance Brigade. In 2006, their song "Bleeding Rivers" was featured on the Showtime television series ‘The L Word.’

“The ethereal beholden trio…”

In 2006 Copper Wimmin disbanded to pursue individual projects and interests. Kiranjot travelled to India to study classical Indian music with Dr. Ustad Narinder Singh Sandhu for 5 years, and now brings her practice of sacred chanting and prayer to the trio. Sophia released a solo album called Ready Now, and has been teaching yoga and studying guitar. Alyx started a family and worked on deepening her songwriting process by using it as a catalyst for healing trauma.

 “Copper Wimmin is ethereal and exotic invoking the senses with pleasures that could only be described as otherworldly and transcendental.”

In 2020 the stars aligned and the three wimmin felt moved to reconnect musically. New original songs were born that could only be sung by Copper Wimmin. With so much upheaval and conflict in the world they felt called to bring their voices together once again in service to Womens’ empowerment, healing, and transformation.

“Their sound conjures images of mythic sirens and mighty amazons.

Defiant, resiliant diatribes fold deftly into solemn, seductive chants for peace and peace of mind” -The Press Democrat

After twenty years of travel, creating families, inner journeys … this seminal trio is back & coming to Ashland!

“Copper Wimmin broke my brain. 3 people singing perfect harmonies acapella for two hours with no mistakes. It shouldn’t have been possible. Humans make mistakes. The old trope that the errors impart emotional content are also wrong. Copper Wimmin sing with perfection but also profound emotional nuance, depth and power.” 

Produced by Lloyd Barde Productions / RelaxPansion Unlimited • for information: 415.847.1144

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