Courting The Muse: Sapphire Sessions

  • Friday, October 1, 2021 - Wednesday, December 1, 2021
Courting The Muse: Sapphire Sessions

About This Series

‘Courting the Muse: Sapphire Sessions’ is a 7-week online immersion to develop your voice and creative self-expression, while listening to and working directly with the stories held in the storehouse of your unconscious.

I share my personal process of writing and developing several of the songs on my latest album “Sapphire.” We explore the spectrum creative process, working ceremonially with a muse, and go deep into the art of sculpting song from vision.

A Glimpse Into My Creative Process

• Learn what went into crafting songs and productions from Sapphire.

• Gain access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content

• Discover the many moving pieces that bring a vision to life

• BONUS: Learn from some of my personal muses and collaborators

This Course Is Perfect for You if You Have the Desire To:

Sculpting Song From Vision

In this series, you will be guided through songwriting processes, muse cultivation meditations, and invited to develop your personal creative practice as a path of evolution, transformation, and healing. We draw alchemical inspiration from your dynamic and cherished life experiences- encapsulating them in song for a lifetime of reflection and sharing.

We engage with cultivating relationship with Muse as Mirror of Soul, while creating inside of a transformational expressive arts container. This is the basis for how I brought SAPPHIRE to life.

Together, we learn and cultivate the art of songcraft as a way to connect us to our inner genius, and bridge the relationship between the voice, spirit, and the great emergent song of our lives.

We are each conduits, vessels to receive inspiration from the mystery. When we attune and make a practice of listening deeply to the whispers of the Muse, we are guided into reunion with parts of ourselves we have been long searching for.

Songwriting is a path of cultivation of the soul, which reconnects us to our whole selves while giving a space for all aspects of us to be seen, felt, known. ‘Courting The Muse’ is a safe creative space to explore our imagination, cultivate a love of the language of inspiration, discover our personal pathways to the muse, and creatively bring our full selves forward.

What You Will Receive:

– Seven 90-minute Virtual Workshops with additional q+a sessions

– BONUS sessions with Special Guest Muse Inspirators

– Explorations in Vocal Embodiment, Energetic Alchemy and Songwriting as Soul Development

– Creative Curriculum Meditations, Worksheets, and Study Guides

Entering The Muses Garden:

This 7-week journey includes 7 sessions + bonus content that can be taken at your own pace.


Will I learn to sing?

This course is not a ‘singing course’ in that we are not learning techniques you might learn in a singing lesson or class designed for singers. We will be working with the voice, and exploring how to use our voice in new ways to expand our creative expression and reach parts of ourselves in a new way to call for creative inspiration.

Will I learn to write songs?

Yes. You will learn about song structure, working with words, finding melody, and be given time to practice writing as a group. I will also be opening my Q+A sessions to answer specific questions about your songs, and how to make them better, polished.

What if I’m not a musician?

This class is not specifically for ‘musicians’, but for those who want to GROW and explore their individual relationship with self-expression. You will get to learn about imagination, working with music at whatever level you are at to discover new parts of yourself.

I’m a (painter, weaver, sculptor, etc.) but not a linguist, is this course for me?

All creatives are welcome. Although I will be focusing part of my direction towards creative expression through songwriting, this is a course that is working with the muses that call to you. You are welcome to use the workshop in whatever way you are most naturally inspired, and even dive into music for a short time to learn more about another craft and then take it back to your sculpting, dancing, weaving, but with some extra perspective gained from enjoying a different modality for a period of time 🙂

I’m not very creative and don’t have a hobby. Is this for me?

If you want to come and listen to the lectures as an art appreciator, you are welcome. I imagine you would enjoy the discourse and could get something out of it in terms of personal exploration of self. Though you will be encouraged to dabble in the creative process, nothing is required in terms of turning in assignments or sharing. Additionally, if you don’t currently have a creative practice but are curious about developing one, this journey will provide you with accessible ways to connect to the natural creative within you!

Will I learn to shoot a music video or record music?

This class will not go into the full details around the production of shooting a music video or recording music. That being said, one of my guest artists will unpack a little bit of our recording and creative process for songs from Sapphire. I will also be offering a different course about the studio recording process for artists who have songs that want to be developed. I am also happy to answer specific questions in the Q+A pieces at the end of our sessions, so if you come and wanna ask questions pertaining to these matters, I’ll be more than happy to share the goods.

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