"Crystal Holiday" Sound Healing

  • Saturday, December 16, 2023
  • 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Crystal Holiday Sound Healing

Embrace the Sparkling Resonance of the Holidays 

Experience an unforgettable crystal singing bowl frequency immersion ONLINE!

Step into a candle-lit wonderland of 19 dazzling quartz crystal singing bowls. Immerse yourself in a symphony of frequencies and spirit of the season with Billboard Top 40 radio artist Charleene Closshey.

Crystal singing bowls, tuned to the grounding frequency of 432 hertz, will weave a tapestry of soul-soothing tones, ushering you into a realm of tranquility and delight.

Italian research demonstrates listening to music tuned to 432 hertz can reduce both heart rate and blood pressure, can improve mood and our ability to sleep soundly, and can even mitigate pain.

Listen to the songs of peace, joy, laughter, and love

Did you know everything has a frequency, even a simple word or concept? The crystal bowls can reflect the sounds these words, ideas, and concepts carry into beautiful melodies and tones. 

Need a little more optimism? Longing for childlike wonder and awe? Audience members will be invited to request specific frequencies to experience LIVE. 

Hear the higher dimensional tones of an Archangel. Guests can vote which Archangel they’d like to invite into the crystal singing bowls!

LIVE ONLINE  Saturday, December 16th 5 pm U.S. Eastern / 2 pm U.S. Pacific

Allow the crystalline harmonies to:

• Melt away holiday stress and tension, like snowflakes on a warm hearth.
• Reflect higher vibrations that illuminate the facets of your inner being.
• Envelop in a crystalline cocoon of healing energy.
• Connect with a community of kindred spirits, hearts aglow with shared joy.

Whether you yearn for tranquility, a deeper connection to spirit, or simply to experience the holidays through a prism of wonder, "Crystal Holiday" offers a luminous path to serenity. All are welcome, no experience necessary.

Reserve your spot now, and allow the magic to unfold. All ages are welcome to bathe in crystalline joy!

Can’t join the magic live? Register now, and receive a link to stream online even after the event is complete.

Embrace the crystal clarity of the season. Discover your harmonic resonance within. 

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