Dance Temple | Dancing on a Fractal

  • Sunday, December 10, 2023
  • 10:15am - 12:30pm
  • 345 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, ON
Dance Temple | Dancing on a Fractal

Join us Sunday, December 10th for as we dance on a Fractal – A Microcosm of the Macrocosm.

DJ Tanner Castro will be facilitating us on our dance journey.


About Ecstatic Dance:

Ecstatic dance is a free form embodied meditative practice whereby we may connect more deeply with ourselves, community and universal energy.Ecstatic dance is a practice of releasing the preconceived “self” and surrendering to the presence of the moment.

Ecstatic Dance is often referred to as a “journey” as the music moves through our vessels we become co-creators surrendered to our authentic expression and communion with the divine.Dancers may move through various states of consciousness and awareness, often feeling a deep sense of joy, peace & connectedness. This could look like anything as the present moment needn’t be rehearsed.


About TannerTanner Castro appreciation for underground music started in 2012. Being introduced to Stereo Night club allowed him to explore the many genres of music.In 2019 Castro began his journey as a DJ. His sound spans across a wide spectrum of genres from Chicago house to Afro/Tribal to Detroit Techno. Castro is passionate about community, his goal as a DJ is to bring all walks of life together.



Please arrive on time so that we may all journey together. We begin in silence and we end in silence. Upon entering the dance space, come into silence and sync in. When the set is complete, please remain in silence until guided otherwise or into a closing circle.

If you’d like to dance with someone be mindful of consent via body language and eye contact. A person’s willingness to dance and exchange energy may change throughout the dance and from week to week. At any time, you or the person you are dancing with may choose to close the dance by moving away or bowing with hands in prayer.TALKING
There is no talking on the dance floor. Limiting talking supports dancers to drop into the experience more fully. If you would like or need to have a conversation, please do so in the foyer. If you witness a conversation happening, you are welcome to gently remind people of this request (with a gesture).

Parents are asked to kindly monitor their kids and keep them close (at arm’s reach). If it’s quiet (especially during opening and closing meditation and circle), and your kids aren’t – please see that they are guided into relative silence. Otherwise we ask you to take them outside or to the foyer so as not to distract others from the proceedings.

Please respect each others space. Be mindful of your own needs and boundaries and feel free to communicate them. Be mindful of the needs of others. If unsure, ask before engaging in physical touch such as hugs and other physical touch.

Ecstatic Dance may result in a heightened sense of awareness and energetic sensitivity. Please be mindful of this and refrain from staring, watching or scanning other dancers. If unsure, ask yourself “where is my awareness and energy, now”? If it’s with someone else, call your energy and awareness back to your body.

Please refrain from using your cellphone on the dance floor, If you want or need to use your device, please do so in the foyer.

If you come and intend to sweat (like REALLY sweat), please bring a towel and clean the space around you from time to time – if the floor is wet from your sweat, stop, wipe off and clean up.Then, resume!!

Please refrain from wearing perfumes.

While sounds and cathartic releases are invited, we ask that you be mindful of the dancers in the space. Ongoing sounds and screaming can distract other dancers from their practice.

Please dance barefoot or wear indoor shoes in the dance space.



Practice freedom of expression through movement, while respecting and being aware of those around you.

• Tune into an eclectic selection of musical flavours from a revolving lineup of experienced facilitators.
• Inspire and explore new ways to move your body.
• Explore the altar space for contemplation, reflection and intention setting.
• Learn to enter into a state of trance without the use of substances (no drugs or alcohol please).
• Non denominational opening and closing (can be in the form of a prayer, meditation or circle).
• Minimal facilitation.

You are free to move as you wish.

We celebrate and honour gender diversity in our community.

In Closing:

Please arrive early or on time so that we may all journey together.

Bring a water bottle.Breathe.

Take care of yourself, others and the environment.

Wear comfortable clothing for movement.

Be prepared to sweat.


We acknowledge with deep respect that we gather on unceded Algonquin Anishinabe Territory. We are deeply grateful to live, work, dance and play on this land.


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