Dance Your Prayers MILWAUKEE

  • Sunday, July 18, 2021
  • 3:30pm - 5:30pm
  • Spirit Lake, Mequon, WI
Dance Your Prayers MILWAUKEE

Dance Your Prayers: Back to Nature

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Absolutely everyone can benefit from soothing our overwhelmed nervous systems, giving our thinking mind a rest and listening to the wisdom of our bodies. No dance experience required. All backgrounds, cultures, genders, and physical conditions are welcome.

What will we be doing?

We will be listening to a 90-minute set of organic medicine beats that are choregraphed to the elements—Earth, Fire, Water Air– via Silent Disco Technology—surrounded by trees, birds, and flowers—We’ll be trusting our bodies to decide what they want to do. This is not performance art. It’s a personal invitation to dance with what is and journey into the imaginal realms.

Why Dance? Why Nature?

Creative free form movement in a non-judgmental space promotes strength, resilience, and nurtures our imagination. Moving in new creative and playful ways creates new neural pathways, new insights, a sense of expansiveness, and sometimes endorphin bliss.

How is the music heard?

We use Silent Disco Technology (individual headsets that are plugged into small radio receiver boxes that clip on to your belt, or pants, so that everyone hears the same music simultaneously) so we do not disturb nature, receive good quality sound, with an adjustable volume. The receivers work up to 100 feet away from the “DJ Table” so dancers are free to move to wherever their body takes them.

Where does this take place?

We work in collaboration with parks departments, private property owners, and nature reserves that want to provide the sanctuary and inspiration that nature has to teach us in these times. Moving outside provides safety and comfort of physical distance if desired.

Please Bring:

• A good quality headset with a mini plug that you can plug into the audio receiver– iPhone type headsets with the mini plug work will — or if you have higher quality like Beats or Bose those are great. BLUETOOTH HEADSETS WON’T WORK! They need to be headsets with a wire and mini plug. See picture below please.

• Water

• An outdoor blanket or yoga mat to rest and meditate before and after the session.

• Shoes that will bend and allow movement.

• A journal and/or sketch book and some art materials if you choose.

• Layers. Comfortable clothes for movement.

• Outdoor gear: A hat, sunscreen, and natural insect repellent. Take care of yourself
What you can expect:

• Silent Disco Receiver: You will have use of a “silent disco” audio receiver to plug your own headset into.

• 70-minutes of custom mixed music

• Bathroom provisions if nature calls.

• A non-judgmental, safely held space, and clear compassionate guidance.
About Carrie Branovan (aka DJ Lady Zaza)

Free firm dancing since childhood, for the past 5 years I’ve been studying as an apprentice at the School of Movement Medicine in Devon England, after a long career of professional fashion and beauty photography in Europe. My North Star, after being in the world of body perfection and shame is radical self-acceptance. I regard the body as an instrument of divination and I am passionate about the healing power of creative movement to calm the nervous system (especially in these times), soothe the soul and open our connection to the Great Mystery. The music sets for my DYP events is created by an incredible array of international artists that inspire diversity of creative movement, a wide range of emotions, spark memory, and invite us into the imaginal realms.

The Legal Stuff

• Weather contingent: if it is raining / stormy, the session will be canceled and all monies refunded.

• Please no photography or video allowed during the session. This is a very personal time for people in the community.

• Participation is fully at the risk and choice of participants. It is each person’s responsibility to look after their physical, emotional and mental well-being. Listen to your own body. If something hurts, pay attention and take care of yourself. All participants are asked to move at their own pace and to take care of themselves on all levels. Carrie Branovan, and all people connected to Dance Your Prayers, can take no responsibility for injury you sustain as a result of participating in these outdoor classes.

• I take full responsibility for my own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health during the session and afterward.

• The Organizer agrees to only use my name and email address for Dance Your Prayers and Movement Medicine events and updates.

I LOOK FORWARD TO SHARING THESE SPECIAL DANCE SESSIONS WITH YOU! Please feel free to reach out with questions.

CARRIE “DJ Lady Zaza”

A percentage of the tuition will be donated to the local Land Trust that stewards the land upon which we dance.


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