Divine Feminine Winter Solstice Peace Fire

  • Wednesday, December 21, 2022
  • 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Divine Feminine Winter Solstice Peace Fire

If you have trouble accessing the livestream, you can join live on YouTube. Click here to join!




12 noon pacific / 3:00 pm Est / 8:00 pm London
Event time is approximately 120 minutes

Tune in and manifest your desires for yourself & the world in the coming year through the power of the Divine Feminine and sacred fire ritual!

Join us for a live, virtual sacred fire ritual* (puja) on the Winter Solstice for a powerful virtual gathering of women and men from all over the world! This special sacred fire ritual will be led by Mataji at the Divine Mother Center and broadcast live, with all women pujaris (one who performs a puja) and all women singers as we pray for healing and world peace on behalf of all women on the planet

The Dalai Lama said, “The world will be saved by Western Women.” Women hold something very unique and powerful, and when we tap into that energy as a collective, we can change the world. We need to awaken the Divine Feminine in all men and women on the planet and for each of us to understand what that really means. When we gather together as women with intention and an open heart on behalf of others, we can harness powerful Divine Feminine (shakti) energy. During this special Winter Solstice fire ritual, we will utilize the sacred power of fire ceremony, as we draw upon the power of the Divine Feminine energy (shakti) in all of us.

*Special live satsang (teaching) before the ritual!

Join us as women gather together to bless themselves and the world, pray for peace and manifest healing for the planet!


How You Can Participate:

  • Tune into the LIVE broadcast.
  • Light a candle if it is safe to do so or gather by a fire. Invite other women to join you and set an intention as a group to more powerfully lift up your prayers for yourselves, your families, and your community.
  • After you’ve set your intention, lift up your prayers in your heart as you watch the fire ritual broadcast live.


What Is the Divine Feminine?

The ancient rishis recognized that all power comes from a feminine source. They worshiped the sacred feminine energy (shakti) and researched how to implement this energy to help society. They knew that the secret to transformation only happened with shakti, the subtle vibratory energy that animates all life. Shakti is the Divine Mother’s energy. When you can access this energy, you connect to the source of the miraculous, in yourself and in the world. Anything is possible with shakti, the energy of the Divine Mother, and all women naturally carry this energy.

What Is Shakti & How Does It Work?

Why Sacred Fire?

Sacred Fire rituals use the ancient technology of the Five Elements, special offerings and powerful prayers (mantras) that carry strong vibrations to heal, transform, protect and uplift. Watching sacred fire rituals – live or recorded – at home brings powerful results. You receive benefits and soul blessings no matter where you are in the world. We combine modern technology with ancient healing technology, by bringing sacred fire rituals virtually to wherever you are! Experience this transformational energy and be part of a global community, as we uplift the world together.
Learn more about sacred fire ceremonies.


Benefits of a Sacred Fire Ceremony:

  • Receive the Divine Mother’s healing energy
  • Empower your soul
  • Fulfill your desires
  • Remove negative energy and depression
  • Increase your health, wealth, and happiness
  • Strengthen the protection energy around you
  • Connect to miracle energy to help yourself and others


About Mataji

Mataji now holds the living tradition and lineage of Sri Kaleshwar, transferred to her before his mahasamadhi in 2012. He prepared her to bring the knowledge and direct experience of the Divine Mother to a world that needs to awaken to Her presence. Mataji’s inspiration, dedication, and leadership have created opportunities for anyone to access ancient knowledge through ongoing programs and initiatives through the Divine Mother Center. Mataji and the Divine Mother Center team hold regular sacred ritual for healing on behalf of individuals, communities, and the globe.

The Divine Mother Center is a Power Spot for the Divine Mother and a global community awakening to the Divine Feminine. Through the Divine Mother’s shakti-energy, soul healing and soul abilities are awakened in people who will create peace and harmony on the globe.

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