Ecstatic Dance + CBC | Jami Deva

  • Saturday, July 6, 2024
  • 6:00pm - 11:00pm
  • Roots To Crown, St. Petersburg, FL
Ecstatic Dance + CBC | Jami Deva

From the Heart of Jämi Deva,
Ecstatic Dance DJ, Event Producer,
& Minister of Music

I want to share my intentions for DJing Ecstatic Dance, and the energy that’s possible for us to experience on the dance floor together.

Here in Hawaii, every time we pray or do good deeds, it is believed that we increase our MANA (spiritual magnetism). In this way, Mana is something that can be cultivated through your practices, rituals, ceremonies, prayers & offerings. We can also deplete our Mana by being negative, worrisome or from not taking good care of ourselves and one another.

Ecstatic Dance has become a way that I bring a lot of MANA to share with the dancers.

For me, DJing Ecstatic Dance is bringing this energy of transformation through on the dancefloor – A prayer to help us remember who we are and how sacred this life and this practice of coming together is.

This practice of dancing is a practice of renewal – one where we clear our own energy field individually and within the sacred container of ecstatic dance – we offer one another a space free of judgement – a clear space of appreciation and reverence for the sacredness of this life and the opportunity to be in a human body.

The energy that can be felt within the commUnity has the potential to heal us by renewing our faith in one another, to give us hope that we can get through whatever comes up and to activate our love on a soul level – being fully present to what is, here and now.

To take it one step further, we can dedicate our practice to the upliftment of ALL BEINGS EVERYWHERE – where not one is left out.

My sets are infused with prayers from around the world –
Prayers of reverence & love.
Prayers of freedom & release.
Prayers of renewal & gratitude.
Prayers of healing & Unity.

This life hasn’t been easy for any of us.
Especially in these times now.
Let us bring the best of ourselves to the dance
floor once again in honor of the One who made us
and all life everywhere.
Let us ripple out this love far and wide
throughout the cosmos like the light of a radiant star
burning bright.
For the benefit of All beings everywhere.

Wherever your Ecstatic Dance,
come prepared to dance hard
and to go deep in discovering
just how incredibly blessed we can be together.

-Jämi Deva

Note: Jämi often features ample amounts of Amapiano in his Ecstatic Dance sets,
with his live Djembe drumming mixed into the music.

Dance with him in San Francisco this Sunday
June 2 , Santa Cruz on Weds June 5,
and Santa Barbara Sunday June 16.

Listen to Jämi’s Sets Here:

5:30 pm Doors open
6 – 8 pm Contact Beyond Contact – Cameo Rose
8:15 pm Edance Opening Circle
8:30 pm Music starts
10:30 pm Closing Circle

What is Contact Beyond Contact? 

From a deep sense of listening, Contact Beyond Contact is a somatic movement practice that offers a profound opportunity to deepen awareness in relationship with yourself, with one another, and with Spirit. It provides a clear structure to orient to the vibrations of different states that are eternally present. CBC weaves ancient healing practices with modern function.

As the facilitator, Cameo Rose aims to create an environment that strengthens safety within, so we can create magic together. She stands for connection, authenticity, and trust. 

Drawing from over 10 years of therapeutic dance, she opens awareness to release trauma and discover exquisite truth. As a Craniosacral therapist, Crisis Stabilization Specialist, and bodyworker, she holds an anchor to recognize one’s inner truth. Let’s find it and uncover your inner wisdom as we move and connect with each other. This class invites you to literally lean on each other. 

This contact practice establishes a strong foundation to enter the Ecstatic Dance realm directly following class. We aim to cultivate a more connected community through authentic movement. So, bring your whole self and let’s play.

Join us to co-regulate nervous system health, lose yourself in dance, and find a deeper connection with your source power… together.

Edance Rules
Please Respect the Space
– No talking on the dance floor
– No street shoes on the dance floor
– This is a strictly no drug or alcohol event & is kid-friendly.
– Dress in comfortable clothes which enable free movement, such as you would wear to yoga.
– Please, no heavy scents or perfumes.
Practice Non-verbal consent
– Allow everyone the space to dance apart.
– To interact, make eye contact, and ‘listen’ for a yes.
– Respect solo dancers’ space
– Hands in prayer means, "I see you, and thank you for the dance (that just ended)."
This is a transformational space for healing, connection, and expression. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.
Love your body, and drink plenty of water.

Workshop + Edace: $30 ADV, $40 Day-of
Members are FREE 

Tickets available at the door.
We accept Cash, Credit Cards, Venmo, cash app, & Zelle
Kids (16 & under) are free!

We highly recommend coming for the full event! However, if you’d like to join us for just the dance, $30 dance-only tickets will be available at the door starting at 8pm, so long as space allows.

Volunteer opportunities may also be available – reach out to Seva Mudita

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