Ekam Abundance Festival

  • Sunday, April 28, 2019 - Saturday, May 4, 2019
  • The Oneness Field - Sacred space for fulfilling Intentions, Chittoor District, AP
Ekam Abundance Festival
Ekam is a one of the Powerful Divine vortex in the world. This extraordinary structure was built so that the wall of separation between God and man thins down and that we can collectively impact the collective consciousness. We have a precious gift to give everyone of you, a gift that is going to impact every aspect of your life. The gift is ‘EKAM ABUNDANCE FESTIVAL.’ Ekam has been built with a two fold purpose. The first one is to impact your consciousness and move you into 3 states of consciousness – The Beautiful State, The Transcendental State & The Enlightened State, where you live as an awakened human being impacting human consciousness. The second is to solve your problems and to fulfill your desires – be it health, wealth, relationships, success and so on. Hence we are launching the EKAM ABUNDANCE FESTIVAL!! The specialty of the festival is that you will be receiving the 28 SACRED TREASURES. This festival would happen four times a year, each festival would be for a week and each treasure would come only once a year. The first EKAM ABUNDANCE FESTIVAL is going to happen on April 28th 2019. When your consciousness is static, you need to struggle a lot for everything- for wealth, career; getting a good life partner etc. At the festival, your consciousness will be worked upon and transformation will be brought in your consciousness. You will also be coming close to your Divine, universal intelligence, you will be listening to very powerful wisdom. It will be a great experience altogether. This is the most beautiful gift that we want to give you. We welcome you all for the festival. Let us create a beautiful destiny for ourselves, an extraordinary destiny for our loved ones, a powerful blessing to the entire world through this Ekam Abundance festival.   We offer different option to a partiicpant to participate in the Ekam Abundance Festival. You could choose the one comfortable for you and make the payment. Ekam Abundnace Festival Fee includes your stay and food.

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