Emotional Science: The Awakening (Level 1)

  • Saturday, May 1, 2021
  • 10:00am - 2:30pm
  • Online- LIVE Zoom Call, Toronto, ON
Emotional Science — Level 1, The Awakening

Emotional Science: The Awakening, Level 1

Emotions shape our lives, they feed us with passion for life, creativity and the expression of the joy that life can bring to us. Yet there are emotions that take us away from the connection of life. Emotions that cause damage and seperation. Fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, looping thoughts, hurt, saddness…… these are the destructive tendancies of emotions.

Emotions that create the beauty of life or the Emotions that create damage and seperation….any given moment of your life can wisk you away from a deep state of peace and a state of higher conscioiusness, into an emotional charge. How do you surf your emotions?

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. Viktor E. Frankl

Join Global teachers, Audree Tara & Michael K. Sahota

Authors of “Emotional Science, The Key to Unlocking High Performance" Founders of SHIFT314 (The SELF™): Evolutionary Leadership & Conscious Business Practices and the founders of Evolutionary Energetics for an accelerated evolutionary journey of human potential.

Emotional Science: you will learn the truth about your emotions and the technique that dissolves the charges that come up in every moment…the mastery to remain non reactive to the stressors of life…..have the ability to master a calm inner peaceful state…. 

This is the time for all of us to have mastery of our inner state of being

Ride the wave of emotions without the damaging effects. Explore how to navigate emotional charges, effortlessly – well almost, it’s your choice to show up differently in your life- put an end to the drama and addiction to the energies of lower consciousness behaviour. 

“Michael and Audree take you on a metaphysical, physical, and analytical magic carpet ride that supports your growth.” – M. de la Maza, Founder, Immaculate Conception Ventures

Emotional Science  Course is a life-changing opportunity to:

  • Gain knowledge about the emotional system & how to navigate them
  • Feel more connected and safe while others are reacting
  • Experience the state of your truth, inner stillness and calm
  • Master the ability to choose a peaceful state of being
  • Hold yourself and others in compassion as life happens around you
  • Explore the evolution of consciousness that is your birthright
  • Access a calm peaceful inner state, practice for mastery
  • Experience the Emotional Science "Get Clear" Technique
  • Free Download of the Get Clear Technique Mp3
  • Discover Evolutionary Energetics & SELF Technologies
  • Be calm in any situation, not trapped in the drama

“I gained a deeper understanding of how my past has been controlling my present and how to regain control to flip the script on my life.” – M. Tielemans, Founder, Meraki Marketing

Integrate your shift into higher states of consciousness. Balance the calm peaceful state you have cultivated in your practice, at work – with your teams, leading projects, decision making, conscious business practices. Maintain your peaceful inner state at home, activated in your relationships, family, community and experience deep authentic unconditional connection.

Please do not believe us – come find out for yourself. Met us, share a few hours with us and others who already use this work, and have your own experience of what it feels like to have mastery of your inner state.  


(Online registration closes at 30 minutes (eastern time) on the day of the event.

The Zoom link will be sent to you the day before the event as well as the day of.)


Michael K Sahota is an International Keynote Speaker, Trainer, & Consultant on evolving people and organizations. Michael is the co-founder of SHIFT314 Inc – a boutique training and consulting organization that specializes in culture, leadership, organization evolution, and conscious business development. He is co-founder of the SHIFT314 Evolutionary Leadership Framework [SELF™], an integrated system to apply a shift in consciousness into practical application to create sustainable success while remaining an evolved organizational system.

As an Agile thought leader, in 2012, he published the ground-breaking book An Agile Adoption and Transformation Survival Guide: Working with Organizational Culture. Michael co-authored Emotional Science: The Key to High Performance in 2018 and Leading Beyond Change will release August 2021, Berrett Koelhler Publishing. In his worldwide keysnotes, Michael demonstrates the validity of a shift in consciousness to create sussessful outcomes.

While Michael holds a Bachelor of Engineering and Masters in Computer Science, he has been trained in the esoteric technologies of shifting consciousness through a variety of wisdom traditions. Michael has three grown children and loves to bicycle in nature.

Audree Tara Sahota, B.Msc, holds high-level initiations for the ability to create permanent neurobiological shifts that activate high states of consciousness. She is the co-founder of SHIFT314 Inc: and the Chief Metaphysics Officer specializing in evolutionary leadership development and organizational transformation through The Shift Evolutionary Leadership Framework, [ The SELF™].  

Audree was born awake, she has held mystical abilities and achieved states of Samadhi since a small child. An event in her 20’s brought her to discover her healing abilities. Since then she has held advanced professional certifications in energetic healing, various body-based healing modalities, including 5 years as an Energetic Healer on a medical team with Dr. Marilyn Mitchell (Chicago). Audree holds professional designations from the University of Metaphysics (B.Msc), Brennan Science Practitioner, EnergyTouch Practitioner, Kundalini Yoga Instructor, CMT and CHT, Breatharian Pranic Healer, and is has advanced initiations for deeksha, India. She is professionally trained as a traditional executive coach and holds a CSM designation through the Scrum Alliance. Audree is working towards her Ph.D. in Theocentric Psychology. She has 5 kids in total and no pets, yet.

In 2008 Audree downloaded Evolutionary Energetics™ an advanced system to access high vibrational energy with technology for rapid healing, transformation, and shifting consciousness. She has published several books; The Authorities, The Evolution of Consciousness for the Entrepreneur (2013), Emotional Science, The Key to Unlocking High Performance (2018), The Truth of a Naked Soul (2019), The Fairy Princess (2020), andLeading Beyond Change will release August 2021, Berrett Koelhler Publishing.

 Michael and Audree achieve their vision of transforming humanity through their thought leadership, training and consulting. Through developing Evolutionary Leadership and teaching Conscious Business practices, to evolve orgaizations. They also passionately believe the time of the guru is over, that self-mastery and the awakening of the inner master are now at hand, leading to a state of higher consciousness for all of humanity. For more information SHIFT314 and Evolutionary Energetics

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