Empower the Authentic You - Young Adults

  • Wednesday, July 15, 2020
  • 2:30pm
Empower the Authentic You – Young Adults
If You Are 17-25 Years Old and You Are:
  • Feeling a lack of motivation and energy
  • Finding it hard to speak your truth
  • Judging yourself as discouraged and disempowered
  • Buying into the misunderstanding that you are unsupported
  • Stuck at a crossroads in life and want direction
  • Disempowering yourself with belief systems that no longer serve you

This 6-week Online summer class exclusively for 17-25 year old young adults is designed to:

  • ignite your authentic power as a Divine Being
  • Awaken your self-confidence
  • Build greater levels of inner-trust and self-esteem
  • Take greater levels of responsibility in your life
  • Activate feelings of authentic empowerment

Empower the Authentic You promotes the forward momentum you need to access higher levels of growth and success in your life.

You will join a group of like-minded Beings in your age group who will come together for this mini masterclass. Young adults who are ready to make a difference in their own life and the lives of others. Those who are ready to step up and align their Higher Self with their Human Self so you can experience the grand adventure that is your life with a greater sense of purpose and inner esteem.

This masterclass is for you if you are ready to cultivate self-trust and be unapologetically more of the True You. This class is for you if you’re ready to feel Authentically Empowered.

What You Get

This six week online journey includes:

Nine (6): 120 minute group coaching calls

Opportunities for Transformation© exercises between each call

Two (2): 1-to-1 support sessions with masterclass peers

Access to the private Facebook group

Maximum of 20 people in the group

Online Class 1 2:30-430 PM PST | 5:30-730 PM EST Jul 15, 2020

Online Class 2 2:30-430 PM PST | 5:30-730 PM EST Jul 22, 2020

Online Class 3 2:30-430 PM PST | 5:30-730 PM EST Jul 29, 2020

Online Class 4 2:30-430 PM PST | 5:30-730 PM EST Aug 5, 2020

Online Class 5 2:30-430 PM PST | 5:30-730 PM EST Aug 12, 2020

Online Class 6 2:30-430 PM PST | 5:30-730 PM EST Aug 19, 2020

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