Empress Equinox Empress Rising

  • Saturday, March 20, 2021
  • 3:00pm - 10:00pm
  • Eden Collective, Washougal, Washington
Empress Equinox Empress Rising

Woman…. Step into sisterhood sensually and ceremoniously as we come together in our sovereignty.

Rise into your Empress Power!

3:00pm Greetings – Itinerary and sultry goodies! (selenite, Palo Santo, rose and lavender bundle. Red candle, paper, pencil)

3:15pm Come to circle sanctuary

3:25pm Consume Maca root adaptogenic chocolates to increase libido and activate innate sensual presence.

3:35pm Nordic Drum and Song – We Are The Seed by Sami Kaye

4:00pm Speaker: Sami Kaye

4:30pm Speaker: Rachel Lundberg 

4:45pm Breathwork (RL)

5:00pm Self sensual embodiment (RL)

5:10pm Fluid freedom movement dancing (Rachel Lundberg)

5:45pm Featured Speaker: Christina Sutra – Sensual Painting

6:45pm Social activity (ethereal chord development, law of attraction demonstration with yarn – great distanced activity)

7:15 pm Q&A and incantation writing with candles and wand Bundle

7:30pm Dinner – handcrafted light and nutrient dense food

7:30pm Dinner Performers: Belly dancers, Jordan Sun and Amrita

8:30pm Cacao Ceremony: Sami Kaye

8:45pm Sound bath / crystal bowls: Laura Li Fong

9:45 pm Laughter Yoga: Sami Kaye

10:00pm Conclude



*** This is a Blue attire event! Please show up wearing your favorite shade of blue like the adored goddess you are! Wear a big extra dress if it makes you feel like an Empress coming to her throne! We are all showing up in our devine and adorned selves***

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