Energy Clearing for Intuitives & Empaths

  • Sunday, June 25, 2023
  • 8:00pm
  • Virtual Event, Boulder, CO
Energy Clearing for Intuitives & Empaths

ReConnect with the pure light in your heart to remember your soul purpose and the multi-dimensional resources available to you.This is a difficult time for empaths, intuitives and Light Workers: the toxic energies of the old paradigm continue to generate confusion, distortion and division in the fabric of our collective reality. We inevitably get caught in the glamors of the kaleidoscopic duality, but it is now more important than ever to clear our connection to Source so we can generate Light and conscious evolution. It is up to us – the Light-Workers, the Star Seeds,  the Old Souls– to awaken the heart of humanity and its luminous potential. As we recalibrate to the Diamond-Vajra Light, we awaken seeds of possibility in the rest of humanity. All things are connected.                                         


 In this session we will enter the Sound Temple, a sonic sanctuary, where we can remember ourselves as divine, vibrational beings and bathe in the healing sound of Tibetan Bowls and mantras. It is a sacred space to rest, renew — and to remember our luminous essence and connection with quantum consciousness. This session will include a Heart Circuit Activation, sound transmission and sharing circle about our experience as Light Workers at this time on Earth. 


"Paul has embraced the shamanic traditions of Tibetto create a beautiful meditative expression of peace and harmony."  ~ Deva Premal & Miten 


Peaceful. Penetrating. Pure. These words have been used to describe the music of Paul Temple, who has toured internationally with his musical meditations. His album RADIANCE MIXES, featuring the voice of Deva Premal with his Tibetan Bowls, went to #5 on iTunes World Music chart. Paul is also Founder of Diamond Light Network which is dedicated to helping people remember the great untapped power of the human heart center.


 It is best to listen to the session through good quality speakers – or good headphones. Laptop or phone speakers are not recommended. It is also good to prepare a quiet space for the session with a candle, incense, crystals and other sacred objects so you can journey safely into inner heart space. 


Live attendance is possible at Double Rainbow Ranch in Boulder, CO. Please email Paul for more info: On Zoom:  $13.13 – $23.23

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