• Sunday, April 24, 2022
  • 4:00pm - 6:00pm
  • IntoMeSea, Santa Monica, CA

IntoMeSea invites you to a hallowed ceremony sitting with the sacred plant medicine, Hape. With deep respect to the curative powers of this plant spirit, we will connect to this ancient medicine in a safe and peaceful container. Come with the intention to heal and be a witness to the healing of those around you.

We begin this event under the Lucia N°03 hypnagogic light as a way to ground and connect deeply with our physical and subtle bodies, setting clear intentions for our ceremony. Then we connect with the sacred forces of the jungle: focus, clarity, and healing as we partake in Hape together. After, we will bathe our souls in sound and prepare to reenter the Earth realm.

Hape is a sacred blend of medicinal plants administered by a shamanic practitioner by blowing the medicine into the nostrils. Benefits are grounding and detoxifying the energetic and physical bodies, realigning, and clearing the chakras, and removing abhorrent energies from the system. Hape works with each person in a very personal way and affects everyone differently.

Please do not eat 1 – 2 hours before ceremony. Do not consume alcohol within 7 hours prior to the ceremony. Bring a pillow, a blanket, and a refillable water bottle. Yoga mats and bolsters are provided.

A waiver with additional details on the ceremony must be signed at the time of payment and prior to participating.

*Important: Participants must be 21 years of age. Hape is not intended for persons taking SSRI’s, antidepressants or women who are pregnant. Please fill out waiver here prior to attending. You will receive in an email after purchasing your ticket(s).


Telin Neville is a certified practitioner in Hape Plant Medicine by an indigenous leader and master lineage carrier Chief Haru from the Kuntanawa Tribe. Energy practitioner, Martha Lockie, will be holding space and offering support.

Sami is currently based in Los Angeles and earned their MFA in Studio Art as well as their MA in the History and Theory of Contemporary Art from the San Francisco Art Institute. Sami has been active in the wellness community for the past 5 years. Through their experiences and practices, they’re able to hold space for people who choose to enter this journey. Sami is passionate about being a light guide and the healing modalities that the Lucia light brings into this dimension. 


Ta-shee-na (Free Running Stream) Medina moved to Los Angeles in 2011 from the sunny state of Arizona to attend AMDA Performing Arts College. Since graduating with her BFA in Dance Theatre, she has choreographed for numerous projects on the stage and the screen. When she’s not doing dance related work, she is often educating others through the practice of Yoga, Movement Meditation, and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) while utilizing her gift of energy work as a Reiki Practitioner since 2014. Tasheena is currently the Assistant Manager of IntoMeSea, a Quantum Wellness Studio located in Santa Monica and deepening her studies as a graduate student of the Master of Arts in Yoga Therapy Program at Loyola Marymount University. As an educator, Tasheena strives to help humans at all levels to feel comfortable in their practice, learn essential techniques, and ensure a safe environment with a holistic and mindful approach.

Learn more about her at www.tasheenamedina.com

Social Media: @tasheenamedina


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