Equinox Activation - Opening The 10th Gate

  • Thursday, September 19, 2019
  • 6:30pm - 9:00pm
  • Seaside Center for Spiritual Living, Encinitas, CA
Equinox Activation – Opening The 10th Gate

Opening the 10th Gate: A Equinox Kundalini Yoga Activation
Taught by Jai Dev Singh
On the equinox, when the light of day and the dark of the night are equalized, a special ‘window’ opens up. It is a moment in time that is ideal for deep meditation, for cultivating clarity, intuitive power, and heightened energy.
The pineal gland is the access point to what the yogis call the’10th gate’, a gateway to the flow of heightened consciousness.
Under normal circumstances, this ’10th gate’ remains sealed. Through ancient yogic technology, the life-force in the body can be awakened, the 10th gate unseals, and a beautiful flow of love-intelligence can be experienced through your own body and mind.
Yogis have understood this mystical science for thousands of years. Throughout history, it has been kept ‘hidden’ as esoteric knowledge. In our current age, it is important that these ‘hidden secrets’ are demystified and made available to the people.
In this special Encinitas equinox workshop, you’ll experience the invigorating yogic exercises, ancient teachings, and transporting meditations to activate your body’s life-force and plug into your source of deep purpose.
$45 Online Pre-Sale $60 Day of (if space remains)
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