Equinox Altar of Love Weekend Ashland (Package)

  • Friday, September 18, 2020 - Sunday, September 20, 2020
  • Jackson Wellsprings, Ashland, OR
Equinox Altar of Love Weekend Ashland (Package)

Jackson Wellsprings and Peace Village Festival Proudly Presents…

The Equinox Altar of Love Weekend in Ashland, Or

Are you the kind of person looking for heart opening events and community? Then please consider joining Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda for a very special Altar of Love Weekend at the Jackson Wellsprings. They offer a transformational journey full of music, yoga and a cacao ceremony that heals hearts, creates intimate friends and leaves you floating in love. All events will be out doors weather permitting.  A 6 ft social distancing will be maintained and masks will not be required out doors. 

*All events can be attended separately or as a package.

Friday 9/18

5pm-7:30pm: Sacred Chant and Heart Songs Concert (with band)

Saturday 9/19

9am-11am: Sattva Himalayan Kundalini Yoga Journey (Class) led by Ananda Yogiji

1pm-4pm: Cacao Ceremony and Sound Healing

Sunday 9/20

9am-11am: Sattva Himalayan Kundalini Yoga Journey (Class) led by Jaya Lakshmi

12pm-2pm: Singing and Mantra Class

5pm-7pm: Kirtronica-Ecstatic Dance and Chant 

Description for events below. Pricing varies per event. Early ticket purchases save $5-$10/event. Save $40 for all events by purchasing the early bird weekend price.

Children welcome at all events and 18 and under always free!!

For bios and videos, please visit JayaLakshmiAndAnanda.com

“For me, the entire Altar of Love weekend was brimming with heart-felt devotion and a deep opening to the divine. Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda gave wisdom that comes from both study and life experience. The kirtan, yoga, dance and prayer were truly a group communion at the altar of love!” Ana Holub (Forgiveness Counselor, author and creatress of Clear Path to Peace)

~Chants and Heart Songs Concert~

Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda offer a combination of kirtan (call and response singing), bhajan (devotional hymns) and original singer/song writer compositions in the languages of English, Sanskrit and Gurbani. Alternating guitar, harmonium, keyboard, bansuri flutes and vocal weaving, they create a profound healing and balanced sound current (Naad) brimming with bhakti (devotion). They are known for their powerful blend of modern and ancient soundscapes that touches the heart and invokes a meditative and connected state.

“Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda’s tremendous and rare gift of devotion, song, and talent comes through their music so effortlessly. It affects my soul in such a deep way. When I listen to their music, my heart opens instantly, and I know that their voice, music, and presence will bring thousands into a space of deep happiness and healing.” Simrit Kaur (Kundalini Mantra Singer)

~Kirtronica (Mantra Dance)~

Looking for a devotional dance experience? Look no further. Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda lead the group through an ecstatic dance journey that awakens the shakti, inspires devotional trance states and deepens the connection with the divine. Imbued with the power of their own spiritual practice, they both sing and chant live with the addition of Ananda’s bansuri flute playing. Each song invokes specific healing effects on the body, mind, and spirit, drawing us into movement through mantras, beats, and live instrumentals. Whether singing along, moving to the rhythms, or just listening—Kirtronica is intended to awaken the sacred within all of us.

“Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda’s Kirtronica is a divine compliment to Dancing Freedom and all embodied transformation processes. Succulent, sublime, angelic and transporting. This is music to support the heart, soul and body in truly being and becoming our best, most blessed selves. And, it’s SO fun!” Samantha Sweetwater (Founder of Dancing Freedom).

~Sattva Himalayan Kundalini Yoga Journey (class)~

Sattva Yoga is a dynamic, fun and profound set of practices that incorporates pranayama (breath work), kriya (evolutionary actions or purifications), asana (postures), bhakti (devotion), and Dhyana (meditation).  It facilitates profound experiences of healing, connection, peace, harmony, love, bliss, cosmic consciousness and so much more. The use of music throughout the journey amplifies the potency of the yogic technology.
These teachings have been passed down by Anand Mehrotra, a master yogi who currently resides in Rishikesh, India.  Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda had the honor to do a 300 hour teacher training with him this April while in India. They are excited to share with you these life changing teachings. Come ready to stretch, move, breath, dance, shake, meditate and sing!

"Their yoga journeys are exceptional and provide a divine platform to go deep and connect within." Signa Cheney (Kundalini Yoga teacher and studio owner at Mandala Yoga in Portland, OR.

~Cacao Ceremony and Sound Healing~

Since ancient times cacao has been used ceremonially to connect with that infinite presence of love. Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda’s cacao ceremonies and sound healings are a coming together to open the heart, express creatively and rejoice with the spirit of the cacao. Accompanied by their weaving heart songs, it will be a time to express gratitude for the cacao spirit and allow for that spirit to blossom infinite possibilities within you. The sonic sound healing journey with include vocals, flutes, keyboard and guitar. 

The cacao that will be used is a very special type that a cacao shaman selected personally for it’s energetic qualities. It comes from Guatemala, the heartland of the Mayan people who have used it for millennia. The ceremony will be a wonderful time to learn about cacao’s origins, history, heath benefits and energetic/spiritual qualities. Let’s celebrate a new way of coming together and rejoicing in the love of the infinite spirit. Melt into a unique ceremony that will expand your heart to new levels.

~Singing and Mantra Workshop~

In this workshop participants will explore the practice of singing mantra and bhakti yoga-the path of love and devotion. Singing together, participants will connect with sacred songs and mantras in Sanskrit (the ancient prayer language of India), Punjabi (Kundalini mantras), and English. Participants will learn translations, meanings about various deities, and also be lead in guided visualizations for deepening their bhakti practice. Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda also share their own insights into the healing effects of these sacred chants.

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