February 2022 Intuitive Update with Matt Kahn

  • Wednesday, February 9, 2022 - Monday, February 28, 2022
February 2022 Intuitive Update with Matt Kahn

Are you tired of spending so much time doing inner work only to be left feeling self-conscious, disempowered, lonely, and unfulfilled? Do you yearn for a spiritual path that liberates you from suffering, self-judgment, and the fear of being punished for “not doing it right”? Isn’t it time to shift into a more loving way of healing that makes it safe to be in your power, while allowing all aspects of self to harmonize as one? Join Best-Selling Author & Intuitive Healer, Matt Kahn for an Intuitive Update to explore the new energetic themes of February 2022 that invite you directly into the heart of a new spiritual paradigm.

This free video-on-demand program is your opportunity to:

• Experience spontaneous healing in real-time through Matt Kahn’s heart-centered interactive process

• Step into a new spiritual paradigm where there are fewer things to clear and more blessings to receive

• Feel how quickly your vibration elevates by exploring energy from a new paradigm perspective

• Overcome the most unsuspecting form of imbalance to eliminate worry and rebuild self-worth

If you’re ready to feel more supported by the Universe, feel more of the light shining within you, and have a clearer understanding of how evolution will unfold on planet Earth, then you won’t want to miss a moment of this profoundly healing program.

What People Are Saying About This Event:

"It’s wonderful to be so lovingly guided into the stillness and peace of universal consciousness. Thank you." – Sharon M.

"This is so new, beautiful, true, easy. What a beautiful life is opening up. Thank you for giving the confidence to believe it’s so simple now." – Mayah M.

"This was powerful and comforting. Thank you." – Corri Anna T.

"Just… perfect. What a massive, paradigm-shifting reminder." – Eugene

"Funny, as I was reciting with you my throat got all funky. I started laughing then had to go back and recite again. I have been on this journey of awakening and healing for 27 years. It has been a long intense journey and your messages are a relief to my tired soul. Thank you for sharing. Also, your voice is like a warm hug!" – Melissa W.

"I needed this- feels like a prayer answered. THANK YOU." – Jessica H.

"I am beyond grateful for your light shining so brightly. You truly amaze me. (Often, I feel as though I have found the world’s modern-day “GURU.” You amaze me.) I cannot articulate into words how profound this message truly resonates with me. I LOVE this message. Your messages often bring me to tears. You’re a gift to us all. I love you. Namaste." – Stepho B.

"So insightful and true! Deeply resonate with this message. Thank you so much for pulling me out from the endless digging and releasing, processing…very grateful for this powerful teaching!" – Weiping Y.

"I didn’t realize I was so tense. Near the end (of the video) there was a moment I felt my muscles and bones instantly relax, my stomach and face untighten…" – Mint

Matt Kahn is the author of the best-selling books Whatever Arises, Love That, Everything Is Here to Help You, and The Universe Always Has A Plan. His books have been translated into more than a dozen different languages around the world. In 2020, Matt was named as one of the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People in the World by Watkins Magazine. He is a spiritual teacher and highly attuned empathic healer who has become a YouTube sensation with his healing and often humorous videos. More than 20 million YouTube channel viewers are finding comfort, inspiration, and relief from the challenges of daily life through his intuitive updates and helpful, uplifting heart-centered messages.

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