Field of Awakening Florida

  • Thursday, March 21, 2024 - Monday, March 25, 2024
  • Fort Lauderdale Marriott Hotel & Convention Center, Coral Springs, FL
Field of Awakening Florida


Field of Awakening is an experience unlike any other. It is not a course or a program, but rather a 3-dimensional journey that encompasses:

  • Awakening: Beyond the Mind
  • Awakening: Pure Consciousness
  • Awakening: The Sacred

The Field of Awakening journey can be completed in one calendar year, as it is offered at 3 different locations and dates in the USA and Canada. You are also welcome to participate in one of the Awakening dimensions each year, in the location nearest you. Once all 3 dimensions of Awakening are complete, you begin living an Awakened Life.  

Freedom Beyond Samskaras

March 21 – 24, 2024
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

What’s in store for you during this four-day LIVE immersive experience with Sri Preethaji?

You will:

  • Awaken to a most powerful and direct experience of the Divine or Higher Consciousness.
  • Awaken to a state beyond the incessant chatter of the mind into a space of Witness and Freedom.
  • Be guided to the root cause of obstacles and repeated patterns and be cleansed of ancestral, past life and childhood imprints, called Samskaras, that are limiting the flow of abundance, wealth, and love in your life.
  • Receive a powerful Deeksha transmission directly from Sri Preethaji for one heartfelt intention and for your Enlightenment.
  • Be given take-home practices to sustain your Awakening experience and post FOA receive 28-days of spiritual guidance and mentoring by the disciples of Sri Preethaji from India.

In addition, you will be initiated to give the sacred gift of Deeksha, a tool that has the power to change neural pathways, open the heart for healing and create a dynamic personal connection with the Divine or Higher Consciousness.

Join Sri Preethaji at the Field of Awakening: Pure Consciousness in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on March 21-24, 2024, where she will lead you on a revolutionary journey of Awakening Pure Consciousness!

The Fort Lauderdale Marriott Hotel & Convention Center is sold out.  But there are several local hotels close by.  Please click here for details.

About Sri Preethaji ~

Sri Preethaji, world-renowned mystic, philosopher and luminary, has led millions on a profound journey into consciousness, helping them find the healing, joy, relationships and purpose they are seeking. Being in the presence of this enlightened sage, being nurtured by her wisdom and led into deeper layers of consciousness in meditative processes with her is the most exciting part of this journey.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to experience Sri Preethaji LIVE!



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