Forestdance Costa Rica | March 14-18

  • Saturday, March 14, 2020 - Wednesday, March 18, 2020
  • Vida by Selina | Retreat Center, Miramar, Puntarenas Province
Forestdance Costa Rica

We welcome you to join us for our most profound and sacred offering, our 36th Forestdance. 

Your experience includes:

  • 5 Day Healing & Expressive Arts Retreat
  • Sacred Fire Circle
  • Ceremonial Gathering
  • Workshop Intensives
  • Local Food and All Meals Included
  • Reclaiming your Inspiration
  • Camping, with Bring your own Tent, Ready-Set-Camp or our Newest Option: Glamping!

Forestdance is a ceremonial gathering, an organic trance dance, a space for sharing profound truths, experiencing the deepest of joys, and shedding the most real hardships of the human experience.  

After a night of orientating, for three full nights we gather from midnight until dawn, in service to the community, to healing, to creativity and to reclaiming All That We Are.  

This is our 13th annual gathering in Costa Rica.

We are very excited for this year’s gathering to be help at a new venue, the lovely Vida by Selina! Located 2 hours from San Jose airport. 2 hours from Liberia airport, and just 10 km from the Pacific.


A Talk under The Vida Tree

The Banyon Tree at Vida

One of Vida’s Glamping Tents

The Yoga Studio

Our Teachers, Facilitators and Workshop Leaders:

Jason Cohen: Ceremonial Lead Faciilitator

Ult Mundane: Percussion and Service Around the Fire

Sarah Wu: Plant Allies and Service at the Root Fire

Maria Campos: Sacred Movement

Tish Natasha Steenkamp: Elements Embodied & Nurturance Nidra

Robin Clements: Breathwave Breathwork

Luke Destefano: Thai Yoga Massage

Heather Chan: Shamaic Journeying & Hand-Tapped Tattoos

Ryan McKenna: Walking the Druidic Way; A deep insight into ancient Celetic Spirituallity


About the nature of our ceremony:

This Magic is inspired by the realization of how the void at the core of the human experience is often created by a sense of separation and not knowing the way.  We are filled with passion and drive, but for what? This void is dissolved through the process of being in service to the container itself. Which is a representation of life and creation.  We are all born to be creative. Not to pay the bills, but to actually be creative, creation, and creator.  

We all come from different sets of beliefs.  As we are all here for the experiment of Forestdance and we are all here for this  process of cultivating life energy and allowing ourselves to feel everything that we are comfortable feeling, our hearts open, our armor comes off, we expand, and listen deeply.  

We are inspired by the courage of others to share the deeper truths.  Through a variety of drumming and music, dancing becomes creative and free flowing.  We Sing, share poweful truths, then return to the drumming. A pulsation occurs and the rhythm heats the body, and tears are sometimes shed as we break open.   Ego death often occurs along with a re-awakening to the core, and the right to be creative, fully alive, and inspired.

This is an opportunity to celebrate your connection to a presence within and in relation to others.  All are honored.  

Life force, will, artfulness, and service, lead to trust, and brings the self into the dance more fully allowing the beliefs that are not aligned with the self to fall away.

Forestdance is a rite of passage.  We are coming into healthy relation with our shadows and often there is a breaking through with the sunrise.  When the sun comes up we are fully empowered, sharing in bliss, and find ourselves reinvigorated, ready for all that might come our way, and integrated with a self love and acceptance that is empowering and worthy of sharing.  


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