Free Spiritual Healer Workshop w/ Rev. NamShakti

  • Saturday, August 7, 2021 - Monday, September 13, 2021
Free Spiritual Healer Workshop w/ Rev. NamShakti

Do you feel the call to awaken your healing powers?

Do you want to heal yourself from the inside out and serve others?

A Spiritual Healer is a healing instrument who has answered the call to put Spirit-Divine Intelligence first and foremost in their life.

Do you feel the calling?

In this free 48-minute Spiritual Healer Workshop, you’ll learn how to awaken the Divine Power within your being—embracing both shadow and light and embarking on your journey as an incarnation of SPIRIT on Earth!

This workshop will support you to unlock the keys of your Divine gifts so you can live your life without fear and manifest all you desire.

You’ll learn tools on how to Heal your consciousness first, releasing trauma and seeing our shadow and light as Divine Gifts.

For many lifetimes you have walked as a Healer!

Your soul wants to reconnect to its Divine healing gifts.

The Spiritual Healer Workshop is a unique combination of healing modalities that I have seen how powerful they are all combined.

In this workshop, we will practice Breathing, Meditation, and Affirmative Prayer together!

Join us!

About Rev. NamShakti

Rev. NamShakti
is dedicated to supporting humanity to reclaim their Divine Power, Divine Healing essence & their God-Mind within themselves.

Since the moment Rev. NamShakti was born, she remembers her essence. At five years old, she took her grandmother to church. At six years old, she would preach outside her home with the bible, telling individuals to surrender to God.

The Divine Goddesses have initiated NamShakti. Through her dreams and while meditating, she has been able to reconnect with her Divine Power. Reconnecting with the higher essence of her being, she can transmute divine healing where there is none. After years of initiations, one after the other, she reconnects with her multidimensional Self, Galactic Self, Goddess Self, Angelic Self, and Higher Self, all within this lifetime.

NamShakti has been studying the Science of Mind for over 14 years. She completed the Spiritual Practitioner training with Religious Science. After five years of training with them, she left science of mind and is now studying to get her Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Science with the University of Metaphysics. She is an Ordained Minister with The Divine Temple Spiritual Center.

She is a Certified Yoga teacher, Vegan Health Coach LifeStyle and Educator Certified BY MAINSTREET VEGAN ACADEMY in NYC, a Master Intuitive Energy Healer, Master Reiki Healer, Light Language Transmission Facilitator, Light Language Activator, a Priestess of the Goddess, TransMedium, Certified Advanced Intuitive Angel Tarot Reader, and has dedicated the past twelve years studying the Goddess, Ritual, Devotion, Emotions, Womb Healing, Shamanism, Astrology, Numerology, Yoga, Kundalini and Mysticism. She has dedicated her life to healing, surrender, and devotion to God. SHE IS ALWAYS LEARNING AND EXPANDING HER CONSCIOUSNESS TO LIVE THE BEST LIFE SHE CAN POSSIBLY LIVE. She is a mother and is married to Entrepreneur NamSadhana Singh.

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