Free Your Voice

  • Wednesday, November 15, 2023 - Wednesday, December 6, 2023
Free Your Voice

Namaste dear souls. When I first started singing and speaking in front of people I was terrified, would freeze up and at times even run out of breath. I was critical and judgmental of my voice. But I felt my calling. I knew the joy and meaning that it would bring to my life. So I stuck with it. 

After 22 years of leading concerts/kirtans, yoga classes, and cacao ceremonies, I developed the confidence and abilities I have today. But I’ve realized there are fundamental and easy tools to radically accelerate that process. And I want to share that with you! 
If you’re struggling with your voice, then please join me for my signature course.
I’ll be sharing some of my most potent practices and understandings of the voice. It’s a transmission from my 22 years of public singing and speaking.
You’ll learn how to:  
  • Free your voice to sing with confidence, clarity and precision.
  • Learn where to sing from and why.
  • Access a more full expression, richness and the power of your voice.
  • Learn how to more effectively use your breath while singing
  • How to sing from your heart for the greatest impact.
Course Outline:
One Hour Zoom Sessions | Every Wednesday | 11am or 6pm pst | 8pm Europe | Nov. 15th-Dec. 6th  
  1. Get access to my prerecorded course, Free Your Voice ($200 value)
  2. 30 minute Q&A with Ananda Das after each session
  3. One Live Yoga Class to support your vocal embodiment (Saraswati Themed | Sattva Kundalini Yoga)
I guarantee you it will transform your ability to sing and speak or money back guaranteed. Replays of the sessions will be available. 
Price: $222 before Nov. 1st. $333 after that. 
"Working with Ananda Das has been fun and a game-changer! I have done voice lessons with various people in the past, but the way he explains it makes sense and it’s simple to understand. More importantly, his energy is supportive and gentle. He is helping me to regain my confidence, and get past fears or blocks around singing. I highly recommend working with him if you are looking for technique guidance as well as personal guidance around singing and music." Stanzie Langtree
Why learn from me? 
I have been singing live and on recordings for over 20 years. Over the last 10 years, I have been teaching singing and mantras to thousands of people. And most recently I have been working with people one on one on how to free and enrich their authentic voice. It’s been incredible. Here’s what a few clients have said about working with me:
"Through Ananda’s voice coaching, I have unlocked a part of myself deep within that was untapped.  His guidance has supported me to become comfortable expressing my authentic inner voice through devotional chanting.”  Claire Zovko   
Let’s free your voice and develop its’ greatest potential! 
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