Friends Giving Ecstatic Dance & Potluck Social

  • Saturday, October 7, 2023 - Sunday, October 8, 2023
  • 345 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, ON
Friends Giving Ecstatic Dance & Potluck Social

Happy Thanksgiving friends!!

Imagine for a moment joining together with 50+ incredible beings this Thanksgiving to join in offering gratitude with food, cacao, ecstatic dance, soundbath, good people, good chats and lots of laughs!!

Dance Temple has collaborated with Jesse Buck aka Cacaoboy of Chocolate Groove to put together this special evening offering filled with live DJs, performers and artists for the community and we hope you and your friends will join us in gratitude and prayer.

We will be collaborating with DJs and artists to weave together a memorable evening that is intended to nourish you during this time of transition.



With potluck offering: $25

Sans Potluck offering: $30


What is Chocolate Groove?

Chocolate Groove has been offering alcohol-free dance gatherings since the summer of 2018 and has evolved over the years. We are very excited to continue hosting events that create space for Ecstatic Dance & room for a more Social experience. At the root of all our elements, we are more than a dance party but a community that creates a safe space for celebration & connection. We are an intentional, all-inclusive safe space for everyone to come together, connect authentically & DANCE.



Please Respect, honour & Love …

– Yourself

– The Space

– Each Other

This is a space of intentional & Consensual connection

This is an Alcohol / Drug-free Space

We Are Co-Creating a Safe, All Inclusive, Family Friendly, Non-Judgmental, Shame Free Space for Radical Community Expression & Care.

We are learning how to do this together and each person is an active participant in their own learning with us!

If you experience yourself or someone else struggling to hold up any of our Values & Pillars, please come connect with us so we can care and support you as a community!

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