GuruGanesha Band & Paloma Devi Live in Concert

  • Saturday, June 8, 2024
  • 7:30pm - 9:30pm
  • AyurPrana Listening Room, Asheville, NC
GuruGanesha Band & Paloma Devi Live in Concert


Join world devotional music icon GuruGanesha, his longtime bandmate Sat Kartar Singh, and much beloved sacred music vocalist Paloma Devi for an intimate, inspirational and rockin’ evening of songs, sacred mantras, and colorful stories from the Path.  With his playful sense of humor, warm humanity, mellifluous acoustic guitar stylings and prophetic voice, GuruGanesha along with the incomparable Paloma Devi will lead concertgoers in what he describes as “a 21st Century Satsang,” with plenty of heart-opening group chanting and an opportunity to connect with several of the key architects of the world devotional/yoga music phenomenon, which has consistently projected positive messages into an increasingly troubled world. “Love is the Answer” will be the evening’s theme.

A singer, songwriter, virtuoso guitarist, entrepreneur, record producer, and all-around visionary, GuruGanesha founded Spirit Voyage Records in 2000, based on his undying belief in the power of music. He laid a foundation that has helped dozens of sacred music artists gain widespread exposure, making Spirit Voyage a major force within the genre and elevating this divine, healing music to worldwide, Grammy-level recognition.

As both musical collaborator and manager of singer Snatam Kaur, he helped establish her as one of the genre’s grand divas. Through his solo work, the leadership of the GuruGanesha Band, and recordings with beloved artists like Paloma Devi, Snatam Kaur, Mirabai Ceiba, Jai-Jagdeesh, Thomas Barquee, Tina Malia, and Grammy-winning r&b artist Seal, he has forged a lyrical, sun-dappled, profoundly expressive style of guitar playing that has become a much-imitated hallmark of contemporary world devotional music.

For this concert, GuruGanesha will be joined by his longtime musical brother—rhythm guitarist/singer Sat Kartar Singh and reunited with rockin’ devotional singer Paloma Devi with whom they toured extensively to wildly enthusiastic audiences from 2011-2014.

 Don’t miss their first performance together in nearly a decade!


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