HARGO + Monique Benabou Live at Eve Encinitas

  • Saturday, February 15, 2020
  • 7:00pm - 10:00pm
  • EVE Encinitas, Encinitas, CA
HARGO + Monique Benabou Live at Eve Encinitas

This will be an unforgettable evening as two powerful storytellers, both pioneers & leaders within the conscious community, share their exciting and groundbreaking music to expand the mind an nurture the soul.
Hargo Khalsa (aka HARGO) is a producer & singer/songwriter known for a sound that is as diverse as his background… Raised in a yoga Ashram with Kundalini master Yogi Bhajan in New Mexico, Hargo at an early age began mixing the Kirtan/mantra traditions he grew up in with rock, alternative and electronic music. His 2012 debut album Out of Mankind was hailed by Billboard Magazine and American Songwriter as “mesmerizing”, “anthemic” and “thinking-man’s Rock”, caught the attention of Beatles producer Phil Spector who dubbed him “a Young John Lennon”.
After a 6 year hiatus while touring with his band FEATHERandDOT, Hargo steps back into the circle with a new album Saturn Return that features cascading ballads, tribal anthems, and an empowered message born from a cycle of huge transformation in his life.
After a worldwide debut on Season 2 of the voice and years in the pop music industry, Monique Benabou decided to shift her focus from the mainstream to her own unique path of conscious music creation and healing arts.
What this meant was a journey from the head to the heart, through uncertainty, discomfort and surrender, in order to serve a higher cause and fulfill her soul’s calling. Now, as a pioneer and leader within the conscious music movement, she has earned international recognition for her songwriting abilities and performance. Most recently she was featured as a finalist in the Global Talent Competition, MEGASTAR & honored as the first ever conscious based, Pepsi Cola Spotlight Artist. In her words, “I do what I do and be who I be, cus’ it’s me AND I hope it will inspire others to lead with their own magic and ability to create in LOVE, FREEDOM & POWER!”

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