Harnessing the Sun Retreat

  • Saturday, June 15, 2019
  • 10:00am
  • Rafalo Farm- Adams County, Manchester, OH
Harnessing the Sun Retreat
“The Sun is the greatest healer.” Join us for a retreat in the pristine vibrations of pure nature to learn the Surya (Sun) Process – a powerful, ancient healing and enlightenment technique for connecting to and harnessing the sun’s energy.   Our retreat is held on a special property by the Ohio Brush Creek on the edge of Appalachia with cedar, sycamores and rolling hills. In your downtime go for a swim, swing from the rope swing or go for a silent meditation hike through the cedar and pine forests.  Our itinerary includes satsangs (spiritual discussions & teachings) with spiritual teacher and healer, Ramakrishna Anananda, a sacred fire ceremony, yoga, meditation and healing techniques, and downtime to enjoy the peace and quiet of our natural surroundings. Day 1: Satsangs (spiritual discussions) with Ramakrishna Learning the Surya techniques: 4 powerful processes to harness the energy of the sun to use as a healing for yourself or others Drawing the Surya yantra (sacred geometry) onto a copper sheet and change it during the fire ceremony.  (You will be able to take home a charged power object to hang in your house and to also use for healings). Participate in a sacred fire ceremony Yoga  Downtime to enjoy meditating, walking, hiking or swimming in the river Lunch and Dinner provided Day 2: Morning third-eye opening technique harnessing the energy of the sun and the river Satsang with Ramakrishna, Kayla, and the group Yoga  Private consultations and healings with Ramakrishna Breakfast and lunch provided LogisticsOur program will begin at 10:00 am on Saturday and end on Sunday afternoon.  We will be camping, so please bring your own tent or plan to stay at a hotel or Air BnB nearby (Shawnee Park Lodge, Comfort Inn, Murphin Ridge Inn ).  You are welcome to arrive on Friday to set-up and camp, but no meal will be provided that night.   Registration InformationThe cost of the 2-day retreat is $325.  * Scholarships and volunteer opportunities are available to those in need of financial assistance. If you are not able to attend both days, you can join on Saturday for $175. Round-trip transportation from Cincinnati available upon request for an additional fee. Questions?If you would like more information or have any questions, please email Carrie: ckfitness23@gmail.com  About the Surya Process:Sri Kaleshwar, a modern-day saint from India, taught this process for the first time to Westerners and shared the following: “The main purpose of the sun is to generate the energy in the universe. To give the energy for the nature to flow and at the same time remove the darkness.  90% of the highest healing power in the universe is hidden in the sun.   When you connect to the sun energy through the perfect prayers and process, you can begin to hear the sounds of the different souls talking — the angels, the souls, and the spirits.  You can see the creation moving around you because the sun is the biggest witness.  Who does such type of things is called a holy person, a powerful soul, an enlightenment soul. That ability, that power and energy you can receive through this ancient Surya process. It comes by connecting to the inner cosmic energy of the Sun.” Ramakrishna Ramakrishna entered a spiritual life when his step-father Don Miguel Ruiz (author, The Four Agreements) took him as an apprentice at the age of 17. He worked closely and intensely with Don Miguel in esoteric Toltec shamanism and was named a Nagual of the Eagle Knight lineage, linked through the ancestry of Don Miguel Ruiz. After working with Don Miguel for 10 years, and with his blessing, Ramakrishna moved to India to live and study with a supernatural Indian saint named Swami Kaleshwar.   He lived there for 15 years and is now working in the United States to share the teachings and techniques of the ancient wisdom he studies and practiced at the feet of Sri Kaleshwar. Parmashiva Healing Center Ramakrishna and Kayla run the Paramashiva Healing Center in Blanco, TX.  They lead retreats to India and Assisi, Italy and give talks in various locations throughout the US.   Sri Kaleshwar’s life mission was to release the top ancient knowledge that has been alive for thousands of years but kept hidden, being passed to only one or perhaps two students through a continuous lineage.  Sri Kaleshwar said we are now entering the darkest part of the darkest age of humanity and that this needed knowledge belongs to humanity as a whole, not a select few. Through sharing what they learned Ramakrishna and Kayla’s ambition is the same as Sri Kaleshwar’s: To spread this knowledge to help the world and to create spiritual masters, not students.

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