Healing the Goddess Within

  • Monday, May 4, 2020
  • 8:00am
Healing the Goddess Within

A Women’s Circle of Divine Sisterhood
Online 6-week Intensive Program
Our Journey begins May 4-June 12, 2020

What exactly is this program?

6 week group healing program via private Facebook group

Our focus will be healing, reuniting, nurturing and awakening our Divine Femine Inner Goddess  

Daily meetings in the private Facebook group to discuss lesson/topic of day

18 group life coaching sessions (3 per week) focused on uncovering hurts/blocks/beliefs that have prevented you from moving forward and steps for how to move past them  

Daily Healing Pathways (activities and rituals) to practice for the day

Access to the private Facebook group for life

If you can’t make it for the calls, you can catch the recording replays at your convenience. 

This is your opportunity to get COACHED up to 18 times in 6 weeks! 

This program will help you to:
❤️Uncover past hurts and learn ways to forgive
❤️Manage your energy without becoming drained
❤️Rebuild your confidence and regain your Inner Strength
❤️Create and hold space for yourself and others
❤️Unleash your authentic voice and reclaim your personal power
❤️Trust your intuition and ability to make decisions
❤️Discover ways to communicate with your inner power and the Divine feminine.
❤️Release what no longer serves your best interest
❤️Connect with other Sisters and Blessed beings as we join together in a community of Healing and Support, of Growth and Rebirth.

You might ask why is this program only $105? It’s because right now we need to help the world heal. We need to help our nation heal. We need to help our communities heal. And we need to help our families heal. But we can’t heal others effectively without first healing ourselves. This program is designed to do just that.

Seek the truth by going within. Trust that you are enough and have the answers. Believe that you have the power to change your future and navigate your life. Hold true to your inner knowing that divine energy comes from and flows within you. See the power of true beauty all within you. You are beautiful. You are Woman. You are Sister. You are Divine. You are Goddess. Blessed Be.

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