Heart Activation Meditations

  • Tuesday, September 1, 2020
  • 6:30pm
  • Telephone, Scottsdale, AZ
Heart Activation Meditations

Enter the room of the heart–the seat of the Soul and strengthen your internal connections to Self–embody who you truly are–truth, beauty, unlimited love, and compassionate joy.

Deepen your relationship with your true Self, and harness the purity of love into your daily life. Enjoy a heart-opening and feel the power of love weave its magic through any blocks in your consciousness. In the presence of love, happiness rises from the inside out, and you live in balance with life.

KumariDevi lives a higher consciousness and it’s from this state that she guides you deeper into pure living light of truth and wisdom. KumariDevi activates the Matrix of Love and leads you through meditation into the realm of possibility and through the inner planes of consciousness to develop a relationship with the inner Self.

KumariDevi offers a blend of guided meditation and emotional healing, each class is unique and they build on each other. It’s a perfect opportunity if you are new to her Self-Realization work. Read more about her on the website.

It’s a series of four meditations beginning August 11-September 1, 2020. Starts at 6:30 pm PST, 7:30 pm MST, 8:30 pm CST, and 9:30 pm EST. Can register for one class on the website. Learn more and register for this event at https://www.kumarainstitute.com/sanatkumara

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