Heart Healing for your Spiritually Awakening Heart

  • Tuesday, October 29, 2019
  • 11:00am
Heart Healing for your Spiritually Awakening Heart
A FREE Intuitive Heart Healing for your Spiritually Awakening Heart When the spiritual heart opens, we live in connection with ourselves and the greater good…  We feel in tune with ourselves We have empathy without being overly-empathic We hear our intuition without overriding it We feel fulfilled and we stop projecting our unmet needs onto other people Realizing you’re on the path to spiritual awakening is truly awe-inspiring! And so, it’s a little too easy to overlook how, sometimes, it can feel awful, too. Because even as a spiritually awakening human being, you’re subject to the heartbreaks, breakdowns, health crises, panic attacks, mid-life crises, and everything else life brings.  This all can feel challenging and even overwhelming. But did you know these events are actually precursors to a fully awakened spiritual heart?  It’s true! They break the shell of life’s expectations around your heart, allowing the deeper truth of who you are to emerge.  As the light shines through the cracks, this is your spiritual heart awakening. It’s a process guided by intuition in our heart — also known as soul-callings. Our soul calls us to joy, connection, and love…  Yet, sometimes we’re guided to experience a cracking open, which can be confusing, chaotic and hard to talk about.   I’ve been through awakenings, experienced grief and panic attacks, witnessed and owned the increase of my intuition, written a book about all of this — and taught thousands of people all over the world through The Shift Network and School of Intuitive Studies about how to develop their own intuition.  Now, I’m here to offer you a supportive, nurturing healing on the process of awakening YOUR Spiritual Heart.  Join me for this FREE virtual event where you’ll learn about the four stages of the spiritual heart opening — and how intuition in the heart is different from the other aspects of intuition in the body.  I’ll also guide you into a deep energy healing to help you release excess energy in the heart — and connect to the power of your Spiritual Heart.  This live broadcast will be recorded for you to listen back if you can’t join us live.

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