Heaven on Earth 2.0

  • Sunday, July 7, 2024
  • 3:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Roots To Crown, St. Petersburg, FL
Heaven on Earth 2.0

Join us at “ Heaven on Earth “ for holistic and earth-education workshops followed by communal medicine music!

3 – 9 pm at Roots to Crown – 1741 1st Ave N, St. Pete
Event Tix: $44
Brielle Águila will lead us in a Permaculture Talk, talking about the food forest perennial plants we have growing here. She will talk about their growth and ways to utilize them for our health, as well what they provide for the food forest’s health. She will also talk about the food forest layers and permaculture principles that we can  apply in our lives physically and spiritually for Mother Earth and our collective restoration. She will then offer a medicine music set of original songs she has channeled for the healing of all relations and transmutation of pain into inspiration, strength and peace.
Maite La Muse will offer a True Voice Class and Medicine Song set as well.  As a writer and composer, Maité draws on her multi-ethnic background to write songs using a variety of languages, cultures, and styles. Based in Hawaii, she draws inspiration from the natural elements, world music, ceremony, and her own personal journey of healing. With her hypnotic voice and powerful lyrics, she captures a growing international audience of devoted listeners. Maité is celebrated for her ability to merge genres, seamlessly weaving etheric melodies and words together for listeners to resonate deeply with. She also works as a mentor for those learning to use their voices to express themselves fully and authentically, and holds voice workshops around the world.
True voice Workshop by Maite will help open your voice to express your hearts song. This workshop is a safe and soft space for you to gently explore the hidden treasures and blocks inside of your voice, as well as the many sounds and stories that live within you. We will use practices to get comfortable using your voice and expand your capacity to receive your unique and authentic sound. In this workshop, you will investigate the blocks around your authentic voice, and be held and supported in softening those edges. You will practice embodying your voice with authenticity, empowerment, and deep presence, and have fun along the way.
Xue Lionstone is a singer songwriter based in Asheville, NC. He utilizes the keyboard to create an almost Psychedelic, meditative soundscape and is also known for his funky rythmic style of playing. He brings all original music from the heart for the heart. If you are in the audience at one of his shows, you are considered to be in the band/choir. So expect to activate your voice, and sing affirmational refrains like "I’m a divine creature walking on this earth" and "I’m gonna lead with my voice." Xue’s passion is to guide singalong experiences that uplift and get people dancing and feeling. 
Respect. Reconnect. Restore. 
Roots to Crown

Roots to Crown is a heart-centered space that invites participants into creative expression by fostering a safe, supportive environment that encourages growth-edge expansion.

We envision a world where everyone has the opportunity, support, and love to embody their most aligned self.

We are located at:
1741 1st Ave N
St. Petersburg

All of our events are 100% sober unless otherwise noted. Alcohol and illegal drugs are not permitted on the premises

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