I,Star Cacao Ceremony & Grateful Kirtan

  • Sunday, December 8, 2019
  • 7:00pm
  • Haute Bodhi yoga, Bethesda, MD
I,Star Cacao Ceremony & Grateful Kirtan
I,Star is a conscious hip-hop/folk fusion band from Asheville NC. They are a talented husband and wife team that are also the founders of Silvermoon Chocolate where they make hand crafted raw and organic cacao goodness. Their worlds unite at the cacaochemy jam, where a cacao ceremony is mixed with acoustic/electric performances by I Star, a Grateful Kirtan set with Wynne Paris, Leah Delano/Scarlett Begoniaz and drummers Jaason Sage and Ian Hesford of Telesma. Music, meets prayer, movement, meditation and a full chakra collaborative concert experience at this unique and beautiful yoga studio offering. This event raises the vibrations. Experience the superfood and mood elevating effects of raw, ceremonial cacao supported by acoustic hip hop music, a call and response Kirtan set inspired by the music of the Grateful Dead and moments of movement, meditation and bliss. An ecstatic & bhangra dance and playshop will also be part of the evening’s offerings. Offered by Smita Kumar, it is a performance, a class for all, a prayer and an experience. Don’t miss this unique and ecstatic gathering!-bring your open hearts and dancing feet- OM Shanti

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