Jai Dev in Berkeley

  • Sunday, January 19, 2020
  • 4:00pm
  • Practice Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
Jai Dev in Berkeley
JAI DEV RETURNS TO BERKELEY ON MLK DAY WEEKEND! Presented by the Life-Force Academy & Liya GarberAt Practice Studio Berkeley Sunday January 19th, 4-6:30 pm Monday January 20th, 6-8:30 pm One workshop $50; Both workshops $80 ———————————————————- THE PROSPERITY FORCESunday January 19th, 4-6:30 pm Kundalini Yoga, at its essence, is a dharma technology. It aligns you with the energy of purpose and the force of prosperity. It causes your life-force to circulate, the mind to clarify, and your sense of mission to emerge. True prosperity is the energy of dharma, the flow of creativity, and the fulfillment of purpose. Gradually, throughout life, your innate talents begin to emerge through the pursuit of that which you love. When those talents are focused on and properly cultivated, you become a specialist. Specialization causes the concentration of PRANA (life-force), and when this PRANA is concentrated you become extremely magnetic. All the resources necessary for you to continue on your dharmic path will be drawn to you. In this Kundalini Yoga experience, you’ll experience transporting kriyas to activate the force of prosperity in your life, and blissful meditations to generate profound magnetism. All Levels… Everyone is Welcome. ———————————————————- A THOUSAND MIDNIGHTSA special Martin Luther King Jr. Day Kundalini Yoga WorkshopMonday January 20th, 6-8:30 pm Now more than ever, you are needed by the world. Your unique soul is unlike any other on the planet. Your heart center and your consciousness are the most precious jewels of human life. They must be activated. On this important American holiday, let us join together to rise above the turmoil, expand our consciousness, activate our courageousness, and our unconditional love. This is a day to renew our inspiration for what is genuinely important in life and to awaken the meditative mind. In this special workshop, you will practice potent Kundalini Yoga exercises, circulate your life-force, and enter into beautiful states of meditative bliss. Jai Dev will give special teachings for MLK Jr. Day…a rare opportunity you won’t want to miss. This Workshop is for all levels, Everyone is Welcome! "When our days become dreary with low-hovering clouds and our nights become darker than a thousand midnights, we will know that we are living in the creative turmoil of a genuine civilization struggling to be born." -Martin Luther King Jr.

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