• Saturday, July 22, 2023
  • 7:00pm
  • 1210 4th St, Santa Monica, CA

Ignite your soul with the power of sacred sounds at The Kirtan Love Experience with Jai Uttal & Friends in Los Angeles! Presented by Bhakti Love Reunion, this enchanting event will take place on July 22nd from 7pm to 9pm, offering a transformative evening of heartfelt expression and devotional chanting.

Prepare to embark on a vocal journey as Jai Uttal, accompanied by talented musicians, guides you through the ancient traditions of India. Through call-and-response group chanting and captivating storytelling, Jai creates a sacred space that invokes deep connection, prayer, and a profound sense of unity.

The melodies and mantras that reverberate during this experience hold transformative power and healing energy. As Jai Uttal beautifully expresses, "These ancient chants contain a transformative power and healing energy. By singing these prayers, we join a stream of consciousness and devotion that has been flowing for centuries." Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of these sacred vibrations and let your voice merge with the collective flow of devotion.

With nearly five decades of leading Kirtans worldwide, Jai Uttal has nurtured a safe and nurturing environment for individuals to open their hearts and express their voices. No previous experience is needed to participate in this extraordinary event. It is a sacred exploration and an opportunity to connect with your heart and spirit, transcending boundaries and embracing the essence of divine love.

Join us for The Kirtan Love Experience and be part of an evening filled with profound connection, blissful chants, and spiritual upliftment. Allow the music to guide you on a transformative journey, awakening the depths of your soul and igniting the fire of devotion within.

Don’t miss this soul-stirring event taking place at a venue in Los Angeles. Mark your calendars for July 22nd from 7pm to 9pm and get ready to immerse yourself in the powerful vibrations of Kirtan Love. Let your voice become an instrument of divine expression as you join Jai Uttal and Friends in a collective celebration of devotion and unity.

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