Jennifer Berezan in Ashland: Special Concert and "Ecstasy of Sound" Workshop

  • Saturday, November 16, 2019 - Sunday, November 17, 2019
  • Rogue Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (RVUUF) , Ashland, OR
Jennifer Berezan in Ashland: Special Concert and “Ecstasy of Sound” Workshop

Announcing: Jennifer Berezan in Ashland for Special Concert 11/16, “Ecstasy of Sound” workshop 11/17
Jennifer Berezan in Concert Saturday 11/16/19How exciting to welcome Jennifer Berezan to our Ashland community! This special concert will be a transformative, communal and uplifting evening that we know you’ll enjoy.Jennifer has a unique ability to weave personal, political and spiritual themes into a seamless tapestry of heart-achingly beautiful music. And she’s an esteemed kick-ass guitar player!Over the course of 10 albums Jennifer has consistently released meaningful, beautifully crafted music and has collaborated with some of today’s most highly regarded artists and spiritual teachers. Lomg form recordings like ‘Returning,” “Praises for the World” and “In These Arms: A Song for All Beings” have been interspersed with brilliant song-based recordings such as “Home” and “End of Desire”. She tours the planet teaching, performing and producing ecstatic healing events. Her wide-reaching concerts have filled Bay Area halls for years — we’re fortunate to have her in Ashland this November!!
The very next day, Sunday 11/17/19, Jennifer will lead a Workshop titled “The Ecstasy of Sound with Jennifer Berezan”Here’s what you will experience in a community setting:”Vibration is at the core of all that exists in the universe. Many cultures have long believed that the world itself was created through sound, and some believe that illness is a musical problem, a result of a lack of harmony in the system. In this workshop we will explore music as a spiritual practice and a path to opening our hearts and uncovering our true nature.We will engage in a wide range of musical experiences from traditional and contemporary traditions designed to create equanimity, joy, ecstasy, and healing.Our time together will include sessions of toning, chanting, , improvisational sounding, meditation and silence, in a safe lighthearted, and sacred environment.No musical experience is necessary.
tickets now on sale via BrightStar LiveEvents online, & in person at The Music Coop downtown Ashland. You may purchase combined concert and workshop tickets for a reduced rate ($95). Concert tickets are available in the first few rows as “VIP seating” ($35) or in the back of the floor seats or balcony ($25).  
The concert will be held at the Rogue Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (RVUUF) at 87 – 4th St. in Ashland (doors at 7:30).
The workshop takes place from 10 am – 4 pm at Jackson WellSprings in the Community room (2253 Hwy 99 N, Ashland), doors open at 9:30 pm. Use of the hot springs pool and spa will be available afterwards for normal WellSprings fees. We’ll have a lunch break and ample time to share, connect and celebrate!
for information please call LLoyd at 541.488.8282.
Presented by LLoyd Barde Productions and RelaxPansion Unlimited.

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