Jesus in India

  • Saturday, December 16, 2023 - Wednesday, January 31, 2024
Jesus in India

JESUS IN INDIA:  Experience a powerful new connection with Jesus and his message of Universal Love

Explore the fascinating story behind the Biblical “missing years” in the life of Jesus in a compelling 1 – 2 hour free live-streamed event led by three Western spiritual masters—Mataji, Nityanandaji and Ramakrishna. Inspirational and informative in its own right, this free event will also serve as an introduction to an intensive 14-day Meditation and Shakti workshop on the Yoga of Jesus, also led by Mataji, Nityanandaji and Ramakrishna.

All three are direct disciples of the enlightened master, siddha and sadguru, Sri Kaleshwar (1973 – 2012), a teacher and mystic in the lineage of Sai Baba, Jesus Christ, Babaji and Ramana Maharshi. Sri Kaleshwar could vividly recall his past-life, face-to-face encounter with Jesus of Nazareth, during the latter’s manifestation on the Indian continent during the years unaccounted for in the Bible’s account of the life of Christ. 

A record of Jesus’s years in India was inscribed on palm leaf manuscripts some two-thousand years ago. These precious documents were preserved over the millennia by devotees, handed down from master to disciple. Sri Kaleshwar was the first to reveal the teachings of these palm leaf books to his students and the world at large, via his 2010 book, The Real Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.

Today this work is carried on by Sri Kaleshwar’s three senior-most students, Mataji, Nityanandaji and Ramakrishna. These three Western masters have been deeply immersed in highly esoteric and advanced yogic processes that enable one to connect with Jesus. Their teachings have resulted in many people experiencing darshan with Jesus—some actually seeing him in physical form with their own eyes wide open.

 A yin/yang confluence of two ancient spiritual traditions, this is an experience not to be missed.




Mataji is recognized as a divine presence on Earth, bridging the East and West, making profound teachings and experiences of Jesus and the Divine Mother accessible to all. She was the senior editor of Sri Kaleshwar’s esoteric teachings and master of the palm leaf revelations about Jesus in India. Mataji is the living lineage holder transferred to her by Sri Kaleshwar.

Nityanandaji (Dr. Clint Thompson)

Nityanandaji studied with Sri Kaleshwar for 15 years to train soul healers and spiritual students in the West. He was Sri Kaleshwar’s personal physician and his assistant in many high-shakti processes. Nityanandaji founded the Divine Mother Center in 2004 and teaches students throughout the world.


Ramakrishna has dedicated his life to the spiritual path for over twenty-five years. In 1987, his step-father Don Miguel Ruiz (author of ‘The Four Agreements’) took him as an apprentice at age 17. Ten years later, with Don Miguel’s blessing, Ramakrishna moved to India to study under Sri Kaleshwar. As one of his senior-most students, Sri Kaleshwar asked Ramakrishna to return to the West, share his knowledge, and create a spiritual center for soul healing. His ambition is the same as Sri Kaleshwar’s: to spread the ancient knowledge and to create spiritual masters.

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