Kalyana Mahotsavam LKR (IN)

  • Thursday, June 9, 2022
  • 6:30am
Kalyana Mahotsavam LKR (IN)

June 9, 2022

11 Special Pujas for Relationship Day

In Hindu Culture, there are many ways of worship and rituals to offer our prayers. kalyana Utsavam is one amongst them. 

Performing kalyana Utsavam to the Divine is always very special, because it is the Unison of the Divine energies- Male (Shiva) and Female(Shakthi). During kalyana Mahotsavam, tremendous energies are produced and the prayers kept at that time is realised immediately in the devotees’ life. Chanting powerful Vedic Mantras, offering colourful array of flowers, doing rituals taken with Sankalpa creates positive vibrations everywhere. 

Performing and participating in Sri Amma Bhagavan Kalyana Utsavam brings immense peace and prosperity . 

Special 11 Puja’s for Relationship Day
1. VIGNESHWARA POOJA- Removal of Obstacles & Upliftment
2. GOWRI POOJA- Kalyana Varam-Pray for Life Partner or Soul Mate or Marriage
3. PUNYAHAVACHANAM – Health & Longevity
4. PAANIGRAHAM – Dharma development & Seva Bhagyam Helping Sri AmmaBhagavan Mission & The Good Fortune of Doing Service
5. RAKSHABANDAN – Divine Protection
6. MAHASANKALPA – Receive One Boon. (Gift) 
7. MANGALASHTAKAM – Love in Relationships. 
8. VASTHRA ALANKARAM – Wealth & Abundance.
9. YOKTHRA MAANGALYA POOJA – Maangalya Balam-For Partners Longevity, to Live together for a long time
10. YOKTHRA DHARANAM – Santhaana Bhagyam-Have a Baby
11. BRAHMA BANDHANAM- Bond with God

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